The 15 Best Youtube Gaming Channel Tips

The popularity of gaming channels is growing on YouTube. While some of these channels offer in-game commentary, others dig into the realm of criticism and analysis of such games. Irrespective of the type of gaming video, you need to use the appropriate editing tools to make your video for YouTube stand out in the competitive gaming space.

Through planning, combined with meticulous editing, gives a professional touch to your gaming videos and encourages people to subscribe to your YouTube page. Here are fifteen tips that will help you improve your gaming channel.

Identify Your Niche

There are different types of gaming videos, and you need to be clear on the type of content you wish to create, the genre of your game, and other details about your video niche. In the initial days of your YouTube gaming, such clarity will help in collaborations with YouTubers and the growth of the channel. As the channel gets popular, you can create playlists for different gaming niches.

Put Yourself First

While you do not encourage narcissistic commentary, you need to realize that most people stay tuned to your channel because of your personality. There are hundreds of gaming channels that provide similar videos. By providing insightful gaming tricks, presentations, and words of wisdom from your gaming, you will draw followers.

Be Consistent

YouTube’s algorithm ensures that the more time people spend on your videos, the higher your popularity will be. When you produce high-engagement videos regularly, the audience will look forward to your content. With tools like InVideo, you can create high-quality video content in a matter of minutes.

Make the Most of Social Media

As a gaming channel, it is not worth the effort to create videos that talk about your life, as those do not gather as many views as gaming videos. However, as you look to create a bond with your followers, you need to give them snippets of your life and views on gaming.

Mention your social media handles in the game descriptions to encourage your viewers to follow you. Use Instagram, Facebook, and other such platforms to offer your subscribers a glimpse of your life.

Encourage User Communication

Understand that gaming is an interactive medium, and your YouTube followers will be keen to connect with you through comments or other social media outlets. Encourage this by promptly responding to all comments. Be polite in your response, even when the comments are not too kind to you.

Use a Multi-Channel-Network (MCN)

MCNs help content creators get access to resources on copyright protection, ad revenues, and YouTube partnerships. This is important for beginner YouTube gaming channels that want to make the most of this platform.

By spending due efforts on MCNs, you will save your gaming channel the embarrassment of a blatant copyright violation. Understand that repeated violations may ban your channel from YouTube.

Be Aware of Your Rights

While MCNs are a quick solution, it is a good practice to spend time learning about your rights on the platform.  By understanding the working of Google AdWords and YouTube RED, you will have complete control over the ad revenues of your gaming channel. That way, you can optimize your gaming channel to get you a substantial income.

Consider Streaming

If you are looking to grow your YouTube fan following, you can consider streaming your content with Twitch. Alternatively, you can use YouTube Gaming to engage with your current followers and encourage them to stay loyal to your channel.

Work on the Presentation

YouTube is a visual medium, and you need to have a presentable image if you wish to get noticed. As far as possible, try to use HD graphics in your games and trim unnecessary footage. Add special effects and transitions to the video so that the users are not tempted to drop off.

Add Intros to the Video

With a sea of gaming content available on YouTube, most users barely take a few minutes to decide if a video is worth their time. Use an appropriate intro maker tool to create a poignant intro that will help keep the viewer glued to the screen. If the intro has textual content, make sure that the font is readable.

Work on Search Engine Optimization

Pay special attention to the title of the video and try to include the name of the game and other relevant keywords. Adding appropriate tags to the video will help in improving its visibility to the target audience.

Make sure that the tag and the video description tell the viewer what the gaming video is all about. Moreover, adding subtitles to your gaming videos educates search engines on your video content, thereby making them more likely to be discovered.

Be Attentive to the User Comments

To do well as a gaming channel, you should be ready to listen to your audience. While it is impossible to keep everyone happy, you should listen to the views of your loyal customers and keep an eye on the generic market sentiments. Be neutral in your attitude and pay due attention to the praises and criticism of your followers.

Have Co-Hosts

As a gamer, that might be a group of friends with who you regularly play. Occasionally, try to have them in your videos, as that helps give an authentic touch to your channel. Gaming is not a single personality activity, and having people co-host with you will cause your viewers to relate better. If you can get the same group to feature in multiple videos of your channel, the loyal audience will slowly start to relate themselves to your friends’ group.

Establish Your Voice

YouTube is a crowded space, and you will share your gaming niche with several others. You need to recognize your individuality and respect the fact that no one is exactly like you. While we encourage you to take inspiration from popular gamers, bring in your uniqueness and establish your brand identity in every gaming video that you create.

Add Call-to-Actions

The viewers who watch your videos till the end are interested in your brand offering. Leverage this by adding CTAs to your videos where you tell the viewers what you expect of them after the video. This can take them to your brand page on some other social media website, or a relevant YouTube playlist.

The key to making successful gaming videos on YouTube is enjoying the job. Understand that gaming is essentially a fun activity, and when you enjoy your gaming and video making, it reflects in your work.