How Do Games Developers Come Up With Slot Game Ideas?

When it comes to online entertainment, it sometimes feels like everything has been covered. Want to play as a giant sinkhole that eats a city? There’s a game for that. Want to head into outer space and battle alien creatures? There’s a game for that. Almost anything you can think of has probably been covered in some way across online entertainment, especially for online casino sites. But how do these online casino games developers come up with the content that keeps people entertained?

When looking at a list of the most popular online slots, topics for these slot games seem to jump around from the epic such as the Age of Gods Greek mythology-themed series to the classic, like the Fruit Stack Deluxe slot which offers a polished version of a retro slot machine. The common thread for these games is that they are all examples of visual topics. Developers start with a striking visual concept and then work towards building a game around it.

Once the strong visuals have been homed in on – from various cultures, genres, and broader themes – topics are usually picked that have a breadth of ‘story’ behind them. This includes mythology based around leprechauns, Ancient China, and the Arabian Nights. This mythology is set – most people know what it is – but can also be open to interpretation, which allows developers to use artistic license to build new ideas around existing concepts. Nobody really knows what a leprechaun looks like (because they’re not real) so any depiction of a leprechaun could be argued to be authentic, including the Rainbow Riches slot version.

Sometimes these broad themes aren’t enough for developers, who want to build somewhat of a narrative behind their slot games. There isn’t too much story to an online slot – players don’t log on for the characterization and narratology – but concepts are still generated with more of a story hook. For example, the Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead slot is based around an Indiana Jones-style character whose antics help direct the imagery that is featured on the slot. Creating brand characters means that players will be more likely to remember games they played on certain sites and may be more likely to return.

A similar strategy for tapping into loyalty for return visits is to focus on creating a slot game based around an existing concept or franchise. For example, the Deal or No Deal game is based on the gameshow and uses iconography from the show to create a slot game. The benefit here is the underlying tension that players would associate with the gameshow being automatically present in the slot game. Both rely on tension to succeed, so pairing them up could set the groundwork for an atmospheric game.

Slot games have an almost unlimited supply of themes and concepts for developers to tap into. These could be based on things in our world or could be as far out and zany as they want. The only stipulation is that the games must be fun and enjoyable to play.