Live Streaming Technology’s Application in Online Casinos

Live streaming technology is being adopted at an incredible speed by the digital gaming industry, an industry that is constantly developing its applications. This technology has been around for years, finding its place in many entertainment sectors. Now, it is providing players with a new and refreshed way of gambling that is following the technological developments of the 21st century.

Live Dealer Games

Its most important usage is in live dealer games. With the help of live video technology, online casino platforms replicate the casino experience by adding the human touch. At Paddy Power Live Casino, players can benefit from all the advantages of the online medium, such as convenience and availability, combined with the traditional methods. Games like roulette and blackjack have their own dedicated rooms, where players can interact with the dealers because it is a real-time play.

Live casinos are a new technology relatively speaking, hosted by live human dealers that are trained specifically for online casino platforms. The game is captured by multiple video cameras and then broadcasted live to the players that decide to join in. Players can place their bets using the buttons displayed on the screen, alongside other players. On top of that, communicating with the host is also possible through a chat screen, bringing a social factor into play.

Live dealer games have been considered a phenomenon due to their high quality, accessibility, and convenience. Everything can be done from the comfort of the players’ home, but within an authentic casino atmosphere that traditional games can’t replicate. Moreover, there is a wider selection of games and a diverse pool of players, both contributing to the popularity of this type of online casinos.

Twitch’s Role in Online Casinos

Talking about the evolution of live streaming, it seems natural to mention the platform that has first noticed this technology’s gaming potential. Twitch, which is worth $15 billion, was the go-to place for watching gaming events back in 2011. Rapidly, it has become one of the pioneers of online-based entertainment. It is not just video gamers that use the platform to showcase their skills, gamblers have also started doing so and, on top of that, software providers use it as a marketing tool for their latest games.

The next step in the digitization process of the gaming industry is the integration of live streaming into multiplayer gaming. This option has already been looked into by Google, who found a way to allow live streamers to join the stream itself through Stadia, its cloud gaming service. Stadia’s Crowd Play feature is a great option for users that want to watch and stream a live game on the platform simultaneously.

As video streaming technologies continue to evolve, so does the gaming experience. Casino games are created in a manner that brings authenticity and reality as close as possible to players. Because this is an important factor for the industry, live dealer platforms will keep trending in the future and will keep being improved with the help of new, emerging technologies. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are already the next two big players in this area that will change and improve online casinos further.