TableTop Racing : World Tour Nitro Edition – Switch Review

Micromachines, now there is a game that many a retro gamer will look upon fondly and wonder why we never got more games like the one we fell in love with.

Well, a few years back table top racing hit the scenes and it was reasonably popular mainly on handheld devices and smartphones. It had the sort of micromachine feel at least in the setting. Later the game got a beefed-up console version that hit PS4 and Xbox a few years ago and that is now making its way to the portstation, I mean the Switch.

First off the game is basically RC racers in themed environments. Tracks are laid out in particular styles like toy room, junkyard, restaurant etc. Each environment will be chopped up differently to offer 4 different track layouts on the 8 different environments meaning the game offers 32 tracks for players to tackle. There are 16 cars for you to unlock over 3 different classes and a variety of race types to tackle across the various championships the game has on offer. You have the games bread and butter mode that it called Battle, this is basically Mario Kart with various power-up bubbles floating on the track offering you power-ups and weapons to take out the other racers. You also have hot lap races and time trial races as well as multi-race GP style events.

Along with the standard championship, there is also challenge mode. With this, you will be racing under predetermined rules trying to knock out whatever the challenge is. This mode offers good rewards for players that may be struggling with the championship mode as the money you earn can be used to buy new cars and upgrade what you already have to help you progress in that mode.

The tracks themselves offer up short cuts which are always key in games like this and each track also has a few collectables hidden around that offer money rewards so you will want to keep an eye out for those as upgrading your cars do become important in the later stages of the game.

Now I played this game on ps4 and I fired it up again to compare the performance (not the visuals which obv have a slight edge on ps4). The good news is the game plays fantastic and runs on par with the PS4 and there were no dips in performance that I noticed. The game also offers both online and offline multiplayer and with the switch being so versatile when it comes to split screenplay you could argue this is the best version of the game to buy. Nothing beats local co-op on a game like this and it’s just a perfect fit for the switch with you always having 2 controllers on hand.

Tabletop racing is a great little title that’s lots of fun to play and has plenty to do. It’s not on the same level as Mario Kart or anything like that but it’s a fun little title that doesn’t cost a fortune and is well worth picking up.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Playrise Digital / Publisher: Greenlight Games
Release date:
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed: 

TableTop Racing : World Tour Nitro Edition


Final Score



  • Great fun
  • Good multiplayer options
  • Perfect for switch


  • As there is only 8 themes it can feel repetitive at times