Bridge Constructor Stunts – PS4 | Review

It doesn’t feel like that long ago since I reviewed Bridge Constructor Portal, but already we have a new game in the series hitting PS4, except this time it’s all about Stunts.

Bridge Constructor Stunts does exactly what it says, it has you build bridges and leap over them, hoping to get to the other side while trying to grab some collectables along the way. It’s that simple, although pulling off the miraculous physics you’ll need to clear some of these gaps is anything but.

As with previous games, you’ll build a bridge with a set amount of materials and then have the opportunity to test the bridge, either by having your vehicle go over it or by pressing the weight button to see if your construction efforts hold up. While in the original game your aim was just to build bridges and hope you got to the other side without them falling down, here you’ll construct ramps which will have your vehicle flying through the air, providing things all go to plan.

Building ramps is easy as you simply select the material you would like to use and build the structures to hold it in place. This can include steel cables to hold your bridge from above, wooden material to keep it in place, or for heavier vehicles, steel is the way to go. You can then place a road surface on top of your structure and mess around with the angles until you get it perfect. Like I say, it’s so easy to use in practice, but getting your angles right is quite tough, meaning you’ll spend quite a lot of time on each level trying to get it right.

The most fun part, of course, is testing your work, watching as your truck gets from one end of the bridge to the next, passing by the finish line without any mishaps whatsoever, although as you progress through the levels, chances are you won’t be managing this at the first time of asking. Still, it’s fun to watch as your truck flies into a wall or hits a barrel or the concrete and explodes into flames. Sometimes this is even more fun than making the jump.

It’s disappointing Bridge Constructor Stunts looks like it has been ported from a mobile game and to be honest it feels that way too. The menus are pretty basic and feel like they would be more suited to mobile, while the background music and effects have a similar feel. Yes, it’s slightly disappointing in this respect, but to be honest, the gameplay is key here, so it’s something you’ll likely overlook pretty quickly.

Given the game has come from mobile, Bridge Constructor Stunts is over pretty quickly and unless you are a completionist, chances are you’ll be done with it as soon as you’ve seen all there is to see. It’s a shame because Bridge Constructor Portal, which was released recently, is a much better and more highly polished all-around game. So if I had to choose between the two the latter would win every time. Still, if you have a few pounds to spare, you’ll likely enjoy any time you do spend with Bridge Constructor Stunts.

Final Impressions

Bridge Constructor Stunts is a mobile game ported to console and it shows. There is a lack of polish and it’s all over fairly quickly. If you love the series you’ll still get a lot out of this game though, as it’s challenging, fun and there’s plenty of opportunities to crash and set your vehicles alight, which is always good for a laugh.

Developer: Headup Games  / Publisher: Headup Games
Release date: 27/08/2018
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
Platform Reviewed on: PS4 Pro

Bridge Constructor Stunts


Final Score



  • Fun to play
  • Can be tricky


  • Ported from Mobile and it shows
  • No replay-ability