Darksiders – A Documentary : A Wonderful Insight into Game Development

It’s pretty common knowledge Darksiders is one of my favourite game series of all time. I love it and was quite frankly devastated when its creator Vigil Games closed down. It’s game series, which for me, has everything. It’s action-packed, has fantastic puzzles, a great story and let’s not forget the art, which is amongst the most impressive I’ve seen. As any fan would, I wanted to know more and as luck would have it, so did others it seems.

Step forward Gameumentary, a fairly new channel with a mission to take us behind the games and following a successful Kickstarter that’s just what they’ve done with perhaps my favourite series of all.

Darksiders: The Documentary is everything I could ever have dreamed of, it’s well filmed and takes us from each developer’s humble beginnings and influences, to the story of how Darksiders came about. This of course includes the trials and tribulations along the way, such as the closure of THQ and Vigil, all the way through to the formation of the former Vigil employee’s new studios, Airship Syndicate and Gunfire Games, the latter of which is the team working on Darksiders III, with a little help, as you’ll find out, from the original artist Joe Madureira.

Even if you aren’t a Darksiders fan this documentary is a fantastic insight into how games are made, especially from a studio who’ll admit themselves, were pretty new to console development, yet still somehow came up with the masterpiece that is Darksiders.

It’s wonderful, so I urge you to set aside 90 minutes to watch it, and let me know if you spot my review in there too (Metacritic – Wonderwallweb) – yeah I was pretty happy to have a small presence in the video next to my favourite series.