Warparty – Nintendo Switch | Review

War(party), huh, good god. What is it good for? Absolutely not…much to honest, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The game is your typical RTS affair, sticking to the formula regular RTS players will right at home with. Build a formidable army, gather resources and upgrade your camp to become even stronger. New RTS players can try the game’s tutorial, but heed my warning it will probably confuse you more than just figuring it out. Twice during the games instructions I was left wondering how to pull off the instructions it was giving me, after clicking everything I was able to figure it out but that should never have happened.

Real-time strategy games and consoles rarely go hand in hand, but for the Switch I believe it’s the perfect console for one if the touchscreen is utilised. Sadly Warparty doesn’t have any touch function what so ever, which is a shame as it would make certain aspects work a lot better. The controls, in general, aren’t terrible, it’s easy to navigate the map, select multiple units and make new buildings. Fine controlling, however, is quite bad. In one skirmish I accidentally sent about 5 villagers into a battle, I lost every single one of them all because I was unable to single them out effectively. Those villagers should have been gathering gems at the time, yet there I was throwing them into a battle they had no chance to survive in.

They’re three modes to play in single player, yet sadly no sign of local or online multiplayer which is a major disappointment. There is enough to keep you playing for a while, either from the short campaign to the AI skirmishes. Eventually, though you’ll see all you can see within the game, and the uniqueness of the Dino vs Zombies wears off fairly quickly.

Although the Switch isn’t a graphical powerhouse I did expect more detail throughout the game, it honestly looks like it could be the PC version with ALL settings turned low. I have seen mobile games with more impressive details, I didn’t see one shadow during my playthrough and a lot of the objects just looked terrible. It may read like I am nitpicking, but it makes this version of the game feel rushed and lazy. It may be to help the game run better on the system, but it is jarring to look at.

Final Impressions

Warparty is a decent entry-level RTS game but sadly it doesn’t work quite as well as I had hoped to on the Switch, the frustrating AI and lack of fine controls contribute to a disappointing experience. If these issues were ironed out in future updates then I would recommend this game, but as it stands I’d skip the Switch version for now.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Warcave / Publisher: Crazy Monkey Studios
Release date: 28/03/2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed: Nintendo Switch



Final Score



  • Dinos Vs Zombies
  • A good attempt to put an RTS on Switch
  • Potential to be better


  • Lack of Multiplayer
  • Not graphically appealing
  • Fine controls aren't great
  • AI can be terrible