Valthirian Arc Hero School Story – PS4 | Review

Valthirian Arc Hero School Story is a game that combines multiple styles of game-play into a warm and very comfortable package of RPG goodness. From base-building to crafting to a combat system that can only be described as simple, but enjoyable

The story of That game revolves around You being appointed to the new Headmaster of a school that trains heroes to help the local kingdoms in their troubles. There are five surrounding kingdoms that are all ran by one Queen and when tragedy strikes, it is your job to help everyone to find peace again. Admittedly, the first 2 hours of the game were very slow. Push thru that and the game will open up to a magnificent experience!

The Base building part of the game can seem very daunting at first as there is a lot of options to help upgrade your school to train your heroes.  All new students start off as Apprentices. As they level you can have them train to become special classes. It is good to find a balance for your team of 4 so that you won’t be overcome in battles. Depending on what you build in your school will alter your bonus’s that you will have in battle. From Bonus Experience to higher percentages of item drops and much much more. You have plenty of space on your school’s property to decide how you want your school to grow. This is also your main hub where you can level your students, change their gear as well as accept new students. Like any school, your academy does have graduations at the end of each semester. You have to one student graduate each semester though. You do have the choice on who leaves your school. I found it was easy to just have one student ready to go so that I could keep certain individuals around.

The missions that you send your students out on are the most exciting part of the game. You can switch between each character so that you can always play as a certain type. The button is very simple. You simply hit X to attack with a normal attack, O will unleash a special attack. Periodically, you will unleash an ultimate attack that can save you from certain doom in a fight.

There are also special missions you can send a team out on called Errands. You do not actively control these encounters. They still will warrant you with experience, money and fame for your school. All of course which is needed to help the growth of your school.

The game itself can be completed in about 10 hours, that is with doing side missions in the process. Trophy hunters, the game will have to be played 3 times as to unlock all the trophies!

Final Impressions

In full honesty, the first few hours were a drag. I thought, for sure, I was going to hate this game, and I’ve never been so wrong. Once you get the hang of all the game has to offer, it turns into a game that I simply could not stop playing! You will constantly be looking to tweak your setup at your school and your teams to maximize your full potential. Do NOT hesitate to pick this game up. It will be a game that I will be coming back to play again and again.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: AGate Studio / Publisher: PQube Games
Release date: 02/10/2018
Platforms: PS4
Platform Reviewed on: PS4 Pro

Valthirian Arc Hero School Story


Final Score



  • Room for lots of customization
  • Cute art style
  • Addictive game-play


  • Repetitive music
  • Small variety of monsters
  • Wish the game was longer