Mixups by Powgi – PS4 | Review

I’ve had many playful arguments with my wife over who is more intelligent. This has led to plenty of competition from playing games such as “Jeopardy” to “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” to everything else in-between. So when Mixups by POWGI fell in my lap, it was time to put on the proverbial boxing gloves and see who could solve the most puzzles.

Like most games by POWGI, the game is extremely simple in design in every way. In the case of Mixups, you have a selection of 120 different subjects ranging from Musical Instruments to Movies with Sequels to even Greek Words. There is no shortage of different subjects for you to choose from. The game even boots up to the list of different categories.

The very first category is a simple How to Play that is as straight forward as ever and acts as a decent enough tutorial. Honestly, though, the game is simple by design that gamers need not worry about what the point of the game is. Don’t take that as a declaration that game is EASY. If you are in a category that you know well enough, you may whizz thru it quickly, that is until you get stuck on ONE word, and that can throw you off for a few minutes. It damages your pride when it suddenly comes to you like a bolt of lightning and you are left with is a personal shame.

Each category provides you with 6 miniature levels, with each level having 3 words. The words are all scrambled and you have to decipher what the 3 words are only by knowing what the category is and how many letters is in each word. Don’t fret though, they did add a “Hint” feature in which you can reveal what the first letter in each word is. This can help quite a bit on those levels that you are stuck on. I admit that I know very little about Greek words and so this feature helped me get past that category faster. Each letter in the scramble can only be used once though, so sometimes you have to think outside of the box a little bit to figure out the solutions.

I do want to point out that I had some performance issues while playing the game. After solving each of the 6 levels, you are presented with how long it took to complete the level as well as the option to go back to the menu or going to the next level. I found that if I pressed X to fast to go to the next level, sometimes the game would glitch. It would make the confirmation noise but stay on the same screen. I would have to press the same button over and over and eventually, the game would continue. I wish I could say this only happened once or twice, but this glitch would happen to me at least once for every 5-6 levels I played. It’s more of a nuisance than anything.

Final Impressions

I found Mixups to actually be relaxing to play. The music can get to be repetitive at times, but thankfully you can just turn off the BGM if you pause the game. To go through the 2,160 individual words will be no small task, but the game is nice to wind down with at the end of the day instead of a fast action shooter type game. WIll it win a ton of Game of the Year awards? Not likely, but out of the different word games that have come from the studio, this is likely my favourite I’ve played. By the way, my wife totally destroyed me in solving puzzles the fastest!

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Powgi / Publisher: Lightwood Games
Release date: 12/09/2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed: PS4 Pro

Mixups by Powgi


Final Score



  • 120 Levels
  • Relaxing
  • Very Simple Trophies


  • Repetitive Music
  • Glitchy when moving too fast in menus