Transference – PSVR | Review

Transference is a new horror/thriller title made by SpectreVision and Ubisoft Montreal, which some of you may know as  “that VR title Frodo Baggins was working on”, and boy have they made one hell of a good VR game.

The game leans on psychology quite heavily so as to build a very tense gameplay environment that, from the first few moments playing, takes no prisoners when handing out the scares.

The premise of the game, without getting into spoiler territory, revolves around you having to rebuild corrupted data to see out the rest of the simulation. The way the game plays out sees you presented with multiple perspectives within the same simulation and you will have to switch between these to complete puzzles to move on to the next part of the story.

All I will say about the story is that it’s really engaging and quite dark. Your brain will be racing ahead to try to piece together what has happened, and due to how the game delivers clues to you it’s obvious the developers were going for this.

I played the entire game in VR and it was stunning on the PlayStation Pro. I often think that VR games can look a little blurry, but not so with this game. I’d actually say that this is one of the best looking games I have seen on PSVR, with great details in the environments that go a long way to building the tense feelings you will be having while playing this game. The game shares a few similarities to PT, with slight changes in the environment providing more hints as to what has gone on within the “game”, everything in the game just seems designed to creep you out with the music and random voices that pop up just layering on this sense of dread that you can’t seem to escape while playing.

The gameplay itself boils down to an escape the room style gameplay with each section of the game having some kind of puzzle presenting itself as data corruption that you will have to fix to move on to the next, sometimes it’s simply to find the key in one perspective to open a door in the next scenario but other corruptions will require a little more work to figure out.

There are a lot of little video files and soundbites hidden through the game that will give you far more insight into the story than you will get by just trying to fly through, the game really rewards you for examining everything with a lot more detail into what happened and what’s going on.

The only real downside to the game is that it’s very short, even taking your time and examining everything you should get through the game in about 3 hours at most, but I think the story and experience are worth every penny of the £19.99 asking price.

Final Impressions

Overall I would really recommend this title if you are looking for a good horror style game to play on your PlayStation VR, it’s easily the best game I have played on PSVR this year, it looks stunning and will have you engrossed from start to finish.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Spectre Vision / Publisher: Ubisoft
Release date: 18/09/2018
Platforms: PS4/PSVR
Platform Reviewed on: PS4 Pro/PSVR



Final Score



  • Great looking VR title
  • Gripping story
  • Interesting use of perspective


  • A little bit short for some