Donut County – iOS/PS4 | Review

Donut County is an interesting game in which you play as a hole. At the start of the game, the residents are found deep underground, trying to figure out what happened to the town above, all of which seems to be linked to each of them ordering a donut and ends up seeing everything in the vicinity swallowed into a hole.

You’ll start off as a small hole, swallowing up flowers, grass and trash, then as you accumulate more items the hole will grow, allowing you to swallow tables, vehicles and even people of the town. Eventually, the hole grows so big you swallow up buildings, mountains and basically everything in site. Completing a section will gain you points, with you eventually levelling up, giving you access to new and interesting items such as a catapult and quadcopter.

While the start of the game is mainly about swallowing things up, eventually some puzzles come into play, seeing you have to figure out how to grow your hole in order to swallow items which are too big. This will see you trying to light rockets to scare birds off telephone wires so you can eat them up, or feeding rabbits carrots to give you yet more fuel to grow bigger, seeing you then eat up the environment. You’ll even find yourself making soup.

Once the new toys come into play you’ll be able to swallow things like chickens and frogs, with the latter allowing you to catapult it into the sky to grab things from trees. You can even use the catapult to work a water balloon machine and fix flumes, which will make sense when you play the specific level I’m referring to.

Graphically the game looks wonderful, with it’s unique and colourful art style. Everything from the characters, trash and even the way everything falls into the hole looks pretty special.

If there’s one drawback it’s that the game is pretty much over just as it’s getting started, clocking in at around two hours long. Considering the game took six years to develop paying £9.99 seems a fair price, it’s just a shame there’s not more too it.

Final Impressions

Donut County is a unique and fun experience. It’s fun to play, is well designed and works well, without any major issues. The game costs half the price on iPad, but if you are a trophy hunter you’ll likely feel £9.99 is still a fair price for all the game has to offer.

*Game purchased for review*

Developer: Annapurna Interactive / Publisher:Annapurna Interactive
Release date: 29/08/2018
Platforms: PS4, PC, Mac, iOS
Platform Reviewed on: iOS

Donut County


Final Score



  • Very unique
  • Great graphics
  • Fun puzzles


  • Only two hours long