Super Pixel Racers – Xbox One | Review

There is no school like the old school…

I could not think of anything more cliche than that for my opening line to this review.

Super Pixel Racers is a retro-styled top-down isometric racer that will remind people of a certain age of an old Amiga classic called Skid Marks or it’s sequel Super Skid

Marks (which was also ported to Mega Drive). Just like that title you will find yourself racing on dirt and tarmac against a packed field of racers trying to duke it out to be crowned champion.

The game offers 2 styles of controls one for beginners and an old-school mode it classes as the hard control mode. I don’t know who playtested this because I found the beginner mode way harder to use than the old school mode, I actually kept crashing out until I switched control settings to the “harder mode” and after that, I dominated every race I entered.

The car itself auto accelerates when you are driving and your main task is to drift and boost your way to the front of the grid. Some of the tracks are quite tight and have lots of corners so it really relies on good cornering and boosting at the right time. You can also explode so it’s important not to take too much damage on your way around the tracks. There are also a few different types of races you have to play through. First off you have the standard race that you simply have to win. You then have a stock car style destruction race where you are trying to blow up the other racers by boosting into them to smash them off the track to achieve a target score. You also have time trial which should be pretty obvious and finally, there is drift race where again you are trying to hit a score target by drifting around the tracks.

While playing you build up funds that you can use to buy new vehicles, there are 3 for each class and each cover one of the above event types. As well as buying cars you can also upgrade your vehicles to help you out if you are struggling with time trials etc.

Graphically the game looks like an older game due to its pixel art style and the soundtrack is chiptune to boot so if you are a fan of this style you will really get a kick out of this game, the gameplay is great and it’s a really enjoyable title to play. There are a wide variety of tracks to play on and they are mashed into cups etc, as you would expect from any racer, there is also local and online multiplayer so there is plenty of mileage to be had from this title and it offers great value at its low price point.

Final Impressions

Like I said before I really enjoyed playing the title and it really brought back memories of the skidmark games which I’m sure the developers must have been a fan of.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: H2 Interactive / Publisher: PQube
Release date: 31/10/2018
Platforms: Ps4, Xbox One
Platform Reviewed on: Xbox One

Super Pixel Racers


Final Score



  • Great gameplay
  • Brilliant chiptune soundtrack
  • Great value for money


  • Visual style wont be to everyone's tastes