Parappa The Rapper – PS4 | Review (Rhyming Style)

Sing Along:

Parappa The Rapper its come to PS4, it was on PS2 but fans they wanted more.

With remastered action and retro in-between, it’s not a game for everyone but still has to be seen. The main aim of the action is to rap and rhyme along, hitting a sequence of buttons without getting it wrong.

It certainly becomes harder the deeper that you play, yet you’re bound for disappointment as nostalgia wears away.

Playing a rapping dog, surely sure be fun as you help him get his driver license and do a number one. The world itself is magic, unique in every way, but you’ll run into problems when you try to play.

The dog sounds like he’s dying when he rhymes along and even worse is timing, which seems to be all wrong. The game is out of rhythm, you need more luck than skill, you’ll to be brilliant and go in for the kill.

Still, Parappa is infectious, you’ll yarn for one more go, its charming bright and colourful, a very cheesy show.

Parappa is a broken game and likely left along, but if you’re desperate for nostalgia’s sake then give the dog a bone. I for one was keen to see how it would turn out, but I’m sad to say to end this rhyme, sadly I am out.

Parappa The Rapper – Review Score – 3/5