iPad OS may be my gaming saviour

I love my PS4 and Xbox One, but sometimes for one reason or another, I just can’t get near the TV, generally because there are more people than me in the house and often you have to book a slot in order to get near it. There’s nothing like gaming on the TV, of course, I do love a big screen, but as I say, it’s not always possible.

There is the Nintendo Switch, which helps alleviate this issue, but being a fan of proper ‘AAA’ titles such as God of War, The Last of Us, FIFA and Gears of War the Nintendo Switch never really comes close to satisfying my gaming needs.

I’ve had an iPad Pro for a while now and I’ve never really thought of it as anything which I would take gaming seriously on. Apple, as we know, doesn’t really care about gaming. The App Store is a joke which is full of pay to play games. I’ve never even downloaded one game since I bought my device, well not until I managed to get hold of the beta for iPad iOS and Apple Arcade, then suddenly my mindset changed big time.

Being an owner of PS Vita I’ve been spoiled with remote play for a long time, it works well and is a lot of fun, however given the Remote Play App lives on my iPad and thanks to iPad OS I now have Dualshock 4 support, suddenly I can play all my favourite games on a 12.9″ screen wherever I am and boy is it sweet. The screen on the iPad Pro is fantastic for gaming and there’s nothing quite like using a DualShock 4 to control the likes of FIFA, God of War or whatever else you feel like playing. Sure Remote Play can be unreliable sometimes, but generally, it works really well.

Then there is Apple Arcade. Given my attitude towards Apple, I was never going to take this service seriously, but I thought I would give the trail a bash as it was free and I have to say the quality of games on the service at launch is like nothing I have ever seen. It’s quite frankly amazing and even better you can control them all with a PS4 or Xbox Controller and here’s the best part – there are no pay to play tactics or ads covering the screen. Apple has actually nailed it. Titles which stand out for me so far include Hyperbrawl, Sayonara, What the Golf, Frogger, Chu Chu Rocket, Overland, Sasquatch, Pinball Wizard, Skate City, Sonic Racing, Towaga and to be honest the list extends beyond these. I just hope Apple continues to support the service into the future with more quality titles because if it does I will be continuing my subscription for sure.

The future also looks bright for iPad OS and my iPad Pro. Like I say, I enjoy gaming on Xbox too and with controller support already live and Project X Cloud soon to come, as well as services such as Google Stadia, where else will you be able to play PS4, Xbox One, Apple Arcade and Google Stadia all in one place, all with controller support and I didn’t even mention that you can access your Steam Library thanks to the recently released Steam Link App. It’s pretty amazing to think that it’s Apple which has brought all my favourite gaming services together. Who would have thought that?

Not everyone will have an iPad Pro or even an iPad, but these services also extend to your iPhone too, so if you are yet to try Remote Play with DS4 support or Apple Arcade, then I urge you to do so, you won’t be disappointed.