Apple Arcade Appreciation – Mini Motorways

So Apple Arcade is here and has hit the ground running. There is a massive catalogue of games on the subscription service to dive into, that is where this ‘thoughts’ piece comes into play. Firstly, I hope to shed some light on the great games found in this service for those who have maybe not jumped onto the subscription bus yet. It’s also to remind myself to try different games. Plus it is a good way to check I get my value by playing a great game each month. 

To kick off this Apple Arcade Appreciation series I would like to draw some attention to Mini Motorways, a game developed by Dinosaur polo club. A simple road building puzzle game where you simple have to connect homes to shopping centres with roads. Don’t be fooled though, this game is no walk in the park, and will very quickly have you second guessing every road placement. 

The art style of this game is so inviting and pleasant, perfectly fitting to the game play. The gentle background music compliments the game perfectly, and is the final touch in creating a calming environment to enjoy while playing. However, there were a few moments of stress when a lack of bridges caused a headache.

Enjoy the game across 6 different locations, each with 3 choices of colours including the favourite dark mode. Collect road pieces, traffic lights, motorways and bridges to help expand your building options. Wait for the next centre to pop up and hope you don’t get a bottle neck anywhere. 

I have enjoyed this game for hours already, I have got nowhere near some of the top scores but I still go back to it. I go back because it is a simple game done well, which makes it a great game for me. I would recommend getting this one in your Apple Arcade folder for those times where you just need something chilled.