‘You Died’ A Ranking of all the Bloodborne DLC Bosses.

After ranking all of the Bloodborne main game bosses and the Chalice Dungeon bosses, it’s time for my last (probably…) Bloodborne ranking – The DLC bosses! When it came to thrashing out this ranking, I had a lot of issues regarding the order. This is because the bosses in the DLC are equally difficult to slay. One things for sure though, all these big bads are pretty darn horrible in their own special way. Let’s talk about why.


5- Living Failures

With Bloodborne having already dabbled with boss fights against more than one enemy in the main game, it wasn’t a surprise to see that the second boss fight in the DLC was one where you’re extremely outnumbered. However, compared to all the other bosses, the Living Failures are extremely easy. With four Living Failures spawning during the fight the key to winning is to keep moving. two of the Living Failures are physical attackers who wander around ungracefully swinging their limbs and bashing their heads into the floor, and the other two stand far away from you and conduct long range arcane attacks which are easily avoided by moving in any direction at any speed. In fact, there was only one move that gave me trouble in the whole fight. When all four Living Failures stand still and raise their hands to the sky, a nasty comet shower will come raining down on you. These comets triggered horrible flashbacks to my time with Rom the Vacuous Spider but, they’re easy to doge once you find the blind spot in the arena. The Living Failures are definitely more annoying than difficult, which in Bloodborne can be almost just as frustrating.


4- Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower

Lady Maria’s fight may not be the hardest in the DLC but it is the most orchestrated, beautiful and possibly my favourite boss fight in the entire game. As you whittle her health down Lady Maria becomes more and more dangerous as she uses blood magic in a futile attempt to protect the secret that has drawn you to the Hunters Nightmare. More of a dance than a fight, the battle with Lady Maria is flawlessly executed. She’ll often catch you off guard with her speed and strength. However, Lady Maria is very easy to parry. In her first and second stages wind ups to attacks are extremely obvious and a correctly timed bullet will knock her to her knees, ultimately meaning this fight can be over within minutes. To me though it’s so fun and so exhilarating that Maria will always be a stand out boss in the DLC, even if she isn’t the hardest one.


3- Ludwig the Accursed/ Ludwig the Holyblade

An appropriate opening boss to the DLC Ludwig is sure a fearsome foe. His hulking size, grotesque mutation and eerie screeches all point to the assumption that he’s going to be a challenge. And for me he was. Ludwig has many powerful moves, a few one hit KO’s and not many blind spots, which means you’ll have to constantly keep moving as standing in one spot will get you killed. In true boss battle fashion Ludwig has two formidable forms, the first being a manic animalistic feud where I spent all of my time panicking as Ludwig chased me around the arena, to a more controlled fight when Ludwig changes from the Accursed to the Holyblade and gains the Moonlight Great sword. Most of my problems with this boss came from his first phase. His aggression resulted in many death screens for me. It wasn’t until he had beaten me a few times that I learnt his patterns and got him to his second phase. Phase two was much easier for me, Ludwig has a few AOE blasts which initially caught me off guard but with a lot of patience I finally beat him. Now he’s one of my favourite boss battles of the entire game!


2- Lawrence the First Hunter

Lawrence feels like such an unfair boss because his physical appearance leaves you anticipating a replay of the Cleric Beast boss fight from the start of the main game. Being an optional late game boss in the Old Hunters Lawrence is, as you would expect is ridiculously hard. Unlike his standard counterpart Lawrence isn’t weak to fire as he is now covered in it. His attacks have a longer reach and have become more powerful, and the added fire means that he deals even more damage to you if you manages to claw you. I had no problems with Lawrence’s first phase, and after a few deaths I had no problem whittling his HP down to half. Now, his second phase is entirely different. After Lawrence drops half of his health he loses his legs and menacingly crawls after you. Now leaking lava from his decapitated torso, breathing fire and causing eruptions of lava from his claws as he drags himself after you. I had so much trouble with this boss and his second phase that I even considered ending the DLC without fighting him seeing as he’s an optional boss, not a fun or fair fight.


1 – Orphan of Kos

This. Boss. Is. The. Worst. Undoubtedly in my mind I could not picture anyone else taking the top spot for most difficult boss. Residing in one of the hardest areas of the game where some off the bigger enemies could be considered bosses as they’re so challenging, Kos is a true nightmare. His speed and aggression means that any slight slip up you make means certain death. His unnerving screams and skeletal structure also means that he’s one of the most terrifying bosses to face in the entire game. Many times, I was beaten by the Orphan simply because I dodged backwards instead of to the left or right, and would fall straight into the line of a ranged attack. No matter how many times I faced off against Kos I still couldn’t get an upper hand and with no NPC hunters to summon in the Fishing Hamlet, I felt extremely overwhelmed. In the end, I had to purchase a forty-eight-hour temporary membership to the PSN store, drag my PlayStation to a house with good Wi-Fi and dedicate two whole days fighting him alongside other hunters to finally eradicate him. Although this tactic did eventually see my slaying the nightmare, I’ve never felt so mad at the developers at FromSoftware for making me fight against this abomination in the first place.


So that’s it! Bloodborne boss ranking done! Let me know what you thought of the series on here or via @Rebeccastow97 on Twitter. Happy hunting!