10 games SEGA Need to bring back

So not too long ago the powers that be at SEGA made a statement on the back of some monumental losses for the last financial year.

Basically, SEGA will focus on its existing catalogue of IP going forward rather than developing new IP. This may be sequels like the upcoming Streets of Rage, or it may be remakes or remasters.

There is also another category and its Arcade, plus if you look at the recently released Virtual racing you can see that they have improved upon the original arcade port without really changing it or doing much to it you would call a remaster.

So with that in mind and as a massive SEGA fan here are the 10 games SEGA Need to bring back. (In no specific order).

Sky’s of Arcadia

Now here is a game that I put a hell of a lot of time into. Back when PlayStation was the place to be for all the RPG goodness sega dropped this gem on the world. Playing very much like a final fantasy set in a world of sky pirates this uses a turn based system that most classic RPG fans agree is the best system for games like this.

The only time this game has been released again was an enhanced port that showed up on the dreamcast. It’s not a game that is overexposed and a HD remaster would be perfect and would have the potential to stimulate a sequel for the series.

House of the dead

With this one, you would really have to look at a new title rather than a remake because these days with modern TVs lightgun games don’t work how they used to. However, VR is outstanding and one of the better style of games to play in VR is a shooter. Until Dawn rush of blood showed us how good a horror light gun game can be in VR. So the original needs to make a comeback.

Golden Axe 2 (arcade)

A game that has never graced home consoles. Totally different game to the one released on the mega drive. Adding new characters and abilities along with 4 player gameplay. This one is easy just add online play and you don’t even have a lot of work to do.

Jet Set Radio

It’s been a good while now since JSR graced our lives with its gorgeous visuals and funky soundtrack so what better time to revisit the franchise with a new entry. JSR was never about extreme sports so in a world that’s not as into that fad as it once was it won’t suffer. Plus can you imagine the visuals on this one?

Sega Rally

How great is this game? I used to love playing the big arcade cabinets and I bought the Saturn and the Dreamcast version. Also had the new one for the Xbox and the ps3. Sadly those games are now delisted but if sega could somehow get the rights back and offer both games as a remastered collection or better yet make a new one that would be great thanks.

Panzer Dragoon

An on rails shooter with just a whiff of space harrier too it, this is another title that hasn’t seen a barrage of ports to many consoles and is much loved by the fanbase that will be sure to lap a nice HD remaster of this.

Crazy taxi

A new entry here as there have been tonnes of ports of this one. It has to come stuffed with the crazy mini games we all love and how about for normal mode make a vs multiplayer online. Drop 4 players into the same city, give them 5 mins, whoever makes the most wins.

Virtua Fighter

The fighting scene has never really gone away. And with games like tekken and dragon ball still proving people will spend money on good fighters there is not a better time to strike with a new title. Sega should be aiming to have a game like Virtua Fighter represented at EVO every year.


Ok so this one may divide people but it’s my list. A great little platform game from the sonic team that is really underappreciated. It has some of the best visuals that the mega drive had to offer but it came so late in its life it never caught on. A remaster could give this classic the attention it deserves and perhaps bring more entries later.


Ok, I realise this one is cheating but as it was only ever on Megadrive I assume sega have some sort of claim to apply to use the IP again I have no idea. All I know is if there is a chance that quackshot can get the same kind of love that castle of illusion got then take my money now.

So that’s 10 games or series is like to see come back. What about you, let us know below what you would like to see come back from the SEGA vaults?