I And Me – PS4 | Review

I don’t care what a game is about, if I find out there are playable kittens in a game, I WILL play it! Now throw in a second kitten and, well…it may become game of the year in my eyes!  So it was no shocker to anyone that when I first saw “I and Me”, I had to get my hands on it! This cutesy little Indie title not only exceeded my expectations, but it also warmed the hearts of this reviewer and my family.

I and Me is not exactly a new game, it was originally released in 2017. Developed by Chinese studio Wish Fang and published by Ratalaika Games, this puzzle platformer sees you take control of two black kittens. The goal of each level is to get both kittens inside these photo frames that are present in the level, not hard right?

Here’s where the charm of I and Me comes in. When you move, you are moving both cats at the same time! This includes literally every action that you make. Moving side to side, jumping, everything you do affects both cats. As you progress through the levels, the challenge slowly increases as well, so you have to be conscious of where each cat is standing. One may be in a completely open area with no danger to worry about, however, the other kitten could be sitting in a tight corridor with spikes over its head, if you jump, that cat is going to die. and nobody wants that, right?

Once you get to the third set of levels the game really starts to push the difficulty level as it introduces different mechanics in the form of teleportation portals and magic wands that can alter the movement of one or both of the cats. It can take much longer to figure out the solutions to some of these levels, but certainly not outside the realm of possibility. Wish Fang is there for you though if you simply cannot figure out the solution. By hitting the L1/R1 button on your Dualshock controller, they will show you a video of exactly how to beat the level up till the final seconds. There may be one final part of the puzzle to figure out, but they show you the brunt of the level. The only part of the level that the game does not show is how to pick up the scrolls that are added among the levels. You will want to gather all of the scrolls as they add more to the story and are essential for trophies!

The overall presentation of the game will draw players with its hazy like the watercolour design. Each season of the game is represented well and there are nice little features included with the seasons. Rain, Snow, what I can assume to be pollen?  Everything has a very clear and beautifully done movement that never felt like it wasn’t fluid. To add the icing on the presentation cake is the music of I and Me. The background music is fully made up of solo piano music that could be the grouchiest of kitties to sleep in no time! I wish that the soundtrack was available somewhere on the web to listen to, but so far my search has been unsuccessful!

Final Impressions

I and Me was a delightful game to play. It would be perfect for gamers on the go as you could jump in and play for 10-15 minutes and beat a few levels. All in all, gamers can expect to put in around 2-3 hours and after all, is said and done, trophy hunters should be relatively close to that coveted Platinum Trophy. Mopping up the remaining trophies should prove to be no issue.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Ratalaika Games / Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Release date: 06/03/2019
Platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita
Platform Reviewed: PS4

I And Me


Final Score



  • Impeccable voice acting
  • Intriguing bold entry
  • Compelling narrative
  • Engaging aesthetic


  • Bugs and technical issues
  • Boring Gameplay at times