I’m Hungry – PSVR | Review

I’m Hungry for PSVR will put your burger serving skills to the test as you manage incoming orders at your takeaway place. One thing is for certain, you will definitely be hungry after playing it for a few hours. You are a pair of hands preparing chips, fizzy drinks, burgers and ice cream pots. Each food item is produced by a single machine conveniently placed within arms reach around you. No chef experience is needed as most machines are simple enough, merely requiring you to place an item and press a button; a simple task but the simplicity of it was rather enjoyable when put together with trying to do two things at the same time.  

Customers will approach your window and their order will appear at the top of the screen. You then have to prepare their food and bag it up for them, you actually have to wave the bag open first. Don’t take too long or put the wrong sauce on their burger as this will result in failure. The customers have minor characteristics which you will start to learn, for example the kid always wanted ice cream and chips but nothing too deep to remember. 

There are currently two different locations for your burger place and two challenge modes. You have to complete all 18 levels of the 1st location before the 2nd or challenges open up. This is not a major issue but it does serve as a minor inconvenience as it means you are stuck in the same place for a while. 

The levels follow the expected difficult trend. Each round sees you serve increasingly more people than the last round. Be careful not to upset too many customers and meet a set target of money. The later levels were a slight challenge until I figured out that unlike a real kitchen the food can just sit on the side till I need them, they don’t need to be made fresh each time. 

What was annoying is that my success in the later levels did slightly come down to the customers I served. There were two annoying customers in what is a pretty short customer list. One would take forever to decide what they wanted and another would order double of everything. Compared to the one who just wanted chips, these really ate into my timer. 

As you progress you get access to ‘shiny’ food orders. This means you perform an action with that food item and it becomes a glowing item, meaning customers will pay more money for them. Some customers would also add a late item to their order, mainly the older lady, which caught me off guard when I was in the swing of things. 

For the first 18 levels this is the only curve ball the game throws at you. So, once you have the basics mastered it is pretty much rinse and repeat. All you need to do is get more efficient at serving the orders. 

Onto the second location and now your orders burn away once a customer has made them. Meaning you have to either be extremely fast or remember what that person wanted. As only one person orders at a time it isn’t impossible but certainly adds a bit more difficulty, unless you have a friend writing the orders down for you.

Visually the game is bright and colourful. Your work space is easy to operate in and with the two move controllers everything is fun and easy to use. I was disappointed that there is only about 7 or 8 different customers but maybe there is some dlc plans. 

You can upgrade your kitchen equipment but considering the amount of time I played and that you only have a budget of $3000, I was never going to get $10,000 anytime quickly and guess what? Every upgrade costs that! It felt like this was in place to drag out the need to play a bit more then it should. 

Final impressions 

Overall the game is fun, fits well into the PSVR and move controllers world. Once you get a hang of everything you do get into a flow and you find yourself getting a bit of a sweat on. The game can be challenging but never rage quit challenging. The game is playable for everyone and I did find myself wanting to go back and get 3 stars on all the levels. Certainly a game I would jump back into. 

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Winking Skywalker Entertainment
Release date: 3/07/2019
Platforms: PS4, PSVR
Platform Reviewed: PSVR

I'm Hungry


Final Score



  • Fun for everyone
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Colourful and bright


  • Not many characters
  • Locked to one place to start