GSX 300 Gaming Series | Review

If you are lacking onboard sound for your PC then EPOS has come up with a fantastic solution for you – an external sound card.

The GSX 300 Gaming Series external sound card adds adjustable 7.1 surround sound and high-resolution audio to your PC when you have none. All through the power of a USB connection.

EPOS’s clever sound card works both with your PC and with a headset and is very simple to set up.

You simply connect the soundcard to the PC via USB and then connect either your mic or speakers via the aux port on the GSX 300, giving your instant sound.

There is also a port for a mic too, so every need is covered.

Of course, most motherboards have onboard HD sound these days and this is where the issues with the GSX 300 begin for me, as I don’t really know who it is for.

Given that my X570 motherboard has onboard HD sound and I like to use my EPOS wireless GSP 370 headset for my gaming needs, both these circumstances seem to negate the need for the GSX external sound card.

Sure I have tried plugging my speakers into the GSX instead of using onboard sound, but the volume seems to be quieter when I do this and the sound also seems to lack the punch I get from my motherboard’s internal HD Audio chip.

In addition, as my headset is wireless, I’m not really able to use the GSX 300 with it, which means it’s kind of no use to someone like me.

It makes me wonder why the EPOS GSX Gaming Series exists really. Who is it for apart from those with no onboard sound? Sure it looks nice with its Blue LED light and handy volume control, but most gamers likely use wireless headsets and have onboard sound, so the GSX 300 seems to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist.

I can’t deny the GSX 300 has the fantastic build quality and also looks great with any setup, but as I say, I just can’t really figure out who it is for.

It certainly doesn’t improve the sound quality of my personal setup, but maybe for others, it will.

GSX 300 Gaming Series


Final Score



  • Looks great
  • Brilliant build quality


  • Not sure who it is for
  • Volume quieter than internal sound