TX50 Premium Gaming Headset | Review

In all honesty I don’t really use gaming headsets all that much. I’m not really an online gamer. I can’t stand people shouting in my ear telling me what a crap shot I am, but I was willing to sacrifice this stance in order to review the new TX50 Premium Gaming Headset from Gioteck.

It’s fair to say that thanks to the built in 50MM High Impact Drivers, Gioteck have managed what few do and that’s to bring superior sound quality to the masses at an affordable price. I really only have the official Sony Wireless headset to compare them to, however they seem pretty impressive to me, thanks to the crystal clear sound, which seems to favour vocals, allowing plot points to stand out and enhance your experience.

If it’s your sort of thing, you can also hear your fellow online players calling you out loud and clear. So if you are terrible at FPS games like me, you’ll certainly hear them letting you know about it. Oh for the days of mono headsets with a dodgy connection.

There’s no true surrond sound built in here, but the headphones do a good job of replicating it, which is quite the achievement on such a cheap product. This means you’ll hear footsteps or gunfire and generally get the idea of the direction its coming from, allowing you to react quickly. It’s not as impressive as on more expensive headsets, but considering the price you’ll pay out for these, it’s not bad either.

The headphones also come with a built-in mic, which I was told by fellow online players, came through very clear when I was swearing at my controller. The mic can swivel up and down, so when you are not using it, you can move it convienently away from your face.

The headphones themselves look built well enough. They have an interesting shape with plenty of angles, with the cups sporting a diamond shape which fit comfortably around the ears thanks to the cushioned padding. This also has the effect of blocking out unwanted noise from outside your gaming environment.

If you are interested in the technical details, here they are:

  • 50mm high impact drivers
  • Minimum feedback lucid chat
  • Tactile rubber finish
  • Alcantara cushioning
  • Discreet inline control
  • Compatable with multiplatform
  • Connects to console via 3.5mm jack

Final Impressions

So there we have it. Not the most technical review in the world, but then like I say, I’m not really a serious online gamer. I prefer the more relaxed nature of sitting on the couch and chilling out with my Sonos Playbar filling the room with the sounds of my single player game. If you dabble in online play though, but aren’t serious enough to shell out for an expensive piece of kit, then the TX50 Gaming Headset seems like a decent bargain to me.


TX50 Premium Gaming Headset


Final Score



  • Great Sound Quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • Mic seem to offer crystal clear quality


  • Design May Not Be For Everyone