All About Gaming – A New Podcast for the Next Generation – Pilot Episode

A new generation. So how about a new podcast?

Sure the website may have changed a lot, but the love for gaming will never disappear, so to celebrate this next generation of consoles and games, a new podcast seems fitting.

It didn’t seem right to use the SquareXO brand for this one. We loved the SquareXO podcast, so this will be something a little different. There will still be gaming news, gaming chat and hopefully some guests too.

The podcast will also be on all major services, YouTube (with video), iTunes, Spofity, Google Podcasts and of course Amazon Video too. If any are missing let me know.

For now you can watch the Pilot episode below or if you prefer you can listen on Podbean (this episode will appear on other services as soon as we get that up in running)

Enjoy and Let me know what you think.