Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – PS4 | Review

I will NEVER forget when The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted on August 28, 1993. I was 8 years old, at my Grandmas house watching whatever other shows were on Fox before that and eating frosted animal crackers. The show started, that amazing intro song by Ron Wasserman kicks on, and I see Zordon for the first time. THIS SHOW WAS MADE FOR ME. I was hooked right away for this show about teenagers with attitudes battling the evil forces of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. We have seen several games made about the franchise over the years, but they have all been side-scrolling beat-em-ups. We haven’t seen a fighting game, and that is what makes Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid unique. So, the question is, was the game good or did I throw my hands on my head and screamed “AI YI YI!!?”

I’m going to be blunt, Battle for the Grid is the textbook definition of “Missed Opportunity.”

When you boot the game, you are on a very standard menu which shows a few options for different game modes. You can go online for ranked matches against other players as well as casual matches. The only big issue I feel is that there is a huge lack of content, so this can start to feel pretty repetitive after awhile.

After feeling some disappointment from trying to play online, I decided to try and dive into the story mode. 26 years of content to pull from so I figured there would be something really neat in there, and boy was I wrong there as well. There is nothing new in the fact that you will have 7 matches in which you play through. The problem is that there was literally nothing happening between fights. It also doesn’t help that because there are only 9 characters to choose from, that you will re-fight the same people over and over, but more on that later. When you get to the final stages, you will fight Lord Drakkon. After his defeat, the credits roll.

As for the lack of content I mentioned. I thought it was awfully strange that there are only 9 playable characters in the game. You have the Red and Green Rangers from the original Power Rangers. A brainwashed Pink Ranger. Lord Drakkon, who is the Green Ranger if he never became a good guy. Gia Morgan from Super Mega Force. Magna Defender from Lost Galaxy. Kat Manx from Space Patrol Delta. Mastodon Sentry, which is basically the original Black Ranger and last Goldar. With those 9 characters, there is something like 5-6 stages. One of which is Zordon’s Chamber which is cheesy looking at best.

The fights themselves are actually pretty simple. There are no complex Tekken like combos to memorize, which can go either way in the fighting community as that means you don’t get a huge edge when it comes to knowing all the complex 25 hit combos. You have a light, medium, and heavy attack. You can use a special attack as well. As each battle sees you with a team of 3 characters, you have the ability to switch back and forth with your team to battle your opponents. Once you build up your special meter, you can unleash an ultimate attack that can do a ton of damage. Last but certainly not least. Once per fight you can summon your Megazord or Goldar as their massive forms. This can be the turning point in a battle as it is very difficult to dodge their attacks. The one HUGE missed opportunity I saw missing here was that you don’t get to control the Megazords! It would have been really cool to go from your standard battles to the larger than life fight in the Megazords as EVERY EPISODE OF POWER RANGERS DOES.

Final Impressions

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was developed by nWay Games on a noticeably low budget. As a game that is supposed to be a celebration of the long-standing franchise, all 26 years of it, this game looks and feels like it is vastly unfinished. It was a wasted opportunity. There are some interesting concepts for sure, but overall I would say that that the game is skippable.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Saban / Publisher: Nway Inc
Release date: 03/04/2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
Platform Reviewed: PS4 Pro

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid


Final Score



  • Easy Controls


  • The disappointing cast of characters
  • Dated looking graphics
  • Horrible story mode