Kinda Funny Showcase dated for June 10

The Kinda Funny Games Showcase, which debuted in December 2018, has been dated for June 10 at 12.30 am. The event will be livestreamed via YouTube.

The showcase focuses more on independent studios, although it does throw in a few higher profile titles here and there too. Given that it is taking place around E3 this year, we wouldn’t be surprised to see even more high profile titles this time around.

Here’s what E3 looks like so far (with UK times)

  • Microsoft: June 9 at 9.00 pm UK
  • Bethesda Softworks: June 10 at 01:00 am UK
  • PC Gaming Show: June 10 at 18:00 pm
  • Limited Run Games: June 10 at 20:00 pm UK
  • Ubisoft: June 10 at 21:00 pm UK
  • Kinda Funny Games Showcase:  June 11 at 12.30 am UK
  • Square Enix:  June 11 at 01:00 am UK
  • Nintendo Direct: June 11 at 17:00 pm UK