Gunman Clive HD Collection – Nintendo Switch | Review

Nostalgic gamers rejoice! We live in a crazy cool time where games of yesteryear get another shot of life between the major platforms. We have watched as games such as Final Fantasy 7 have been released and re-released over and over. On the Nintendo Switch, we have been blessed with remakes and HD collections of classics from Megaman, to Super Mario Deluxe. The barrel of potential games to receive this treatment is absolutely endless. It MAY not be the Blue Bomber himself, but the Gunman Clive HD Collection games are making their Nintendo Switch debut and coming from this old school gamer, this is a collection you simply do not want to pass up on.

There is absolutely no denying the Megaman influence in Bertil Hörbergs Gunman Clive games. However, we have seen other games that have tried, and failed (Looking at you Mighty Number 9!!), to pull this type of game off.  The difference that Bertil makes in his game is that he took the formula, and found ways to make it a unique experience in which you can really appreciate the nostalgic love, but also appreciate what he has done to make it different.

The games are both relatively short, completable in under an hour, skill depending of course. Between both games, you are looking at 20 Levels in the first game and 25 in the second. Every level can be completed in about 60-90 seconds.  Each “world” you complete will face you up against a boss type character. I love that each boss encounter felt unique to me. From a T-Rex to a samurai, you never really know what to expect. Don’t worry about dying though, there is no Game Over in the Gunman Clive games. You will simply restart the current level. Most levels are simple enough, but the boss battles may take a few tries as you are figuring out the boss mechanics.

The art style is fairly unique in each game, the first game could’ve been released for the original GameBoy as it is mostly tan, with some exceptions in the game. Gunman Clive 2 is interesting in that it has a higher colour pop to it, as well trying different graphics with level design, all while keeping the graphics similar to the original game. I would almost compare it to the Super Nintendo, which is most apparent when playing the minecart levels. This is when I felt like playing the original Donkey Kong Country!

Story-wise, there is really nothing much to write home about. Depending on who you play as will determine who you are trying to save. There 4 playable characters in each game. Gunman Clive, Ms Johnson, Chieftain Bob, and…..a duck! Gunman Clive himself feels pretty unremarkable as a character, there felt like no special reason to pick him over the easiest character to play as, Ms Abigail. What makes her so good though? Anyone that has played Mario 2 will remember Princess Peaches “hover” jump was especially helpful. That is exactly why she is better than Clive. If you want hard mode though, Chieftain Bob is your man as he doesn’t have a gun, all he has is a spear melee attack.

Final Impressions

I absolutely think that the Gunman Clive HD Collection is worth the bones in your wallet! The games simple nature, along with its fun gameplay make this collection one to not skip over. The only thing I want to know is, when will we see another sequel?!

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Hörberg Productions / Publisher: Hörberg Productions
Release date: 17/01/2019
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Platform Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch

Gunman Clive HD Collection


Final Score



  • Fun and easy gameplay
  • Infinite lives
  • Family friendly


  • Wish we had more levels
  • Direct port, so nothing new was added