Get started with the best games on PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR is here to stay, of that there seems no doubt. Sure it’s had its cynics, even me and I’ve owned it from day one, much like I have with every device with the PlayStation branding on it. To me PlayStation VR feels like it’s here to stay, what with a handful of games seemingly releasing every week, some of which are absolute must play.

Looking at the current library of games on the PlayStation Store there are currently at least 150-200 games released for Sony’s headset, while other companies such as BBC, have been experimenting with experiences such as the World Cup VR app, which allowed you to watch the football in VR (imagine this also allowing you to watch live shows, such as comedy, music and other sports).

With so much choice both in gaming and non-gaming, it can be confusing as to what’s best to download. So what if you are new to VR? Which games should you pick up and play right now? There are so many it’s hard to choose, but below I’ve given the top five which I think are essential purchases, although this may be different for everyone since there are still some I’ve got to play myself.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

There is no doubt that if you love platform games then Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a must buy.

The main premise sees you visiting different worlds to rescue fellow crew members, all while controlling a platforming robot in wonderfully presented VR. It’s hard to explain just how good this game is. It has all the unique and fun ideas you would expect from a quality platform game, with gadgets, cute enemies and unique surprises too. Astro Bot Rescue Mission is also one of the best looking VR games out there.


Another fantastic platforming game is Moss. Following a similar gameplay style to Astro Bot, you control a small mouse named Quill, who after her uncle is captured, heads out on an adventure to defeat the evil Sarffog and save him.

This is another wonderfully presented game which looks stunning in VR. It’s full of unique puzzles, which you can interact with, helping Quill along the way, while also being amazed by the virtual world you’ll find yourself surrounded by.

Job Simulator

If there is one game on PSVR I can’t get enough of then it is Job Simulator. Taking on various jobs such as an office worker, store clerk, mechanic and chef, you’ll work your way through various mundane tasks, all with added humour.

The first time you see yourself in an ordinary office you’ll be stunned. There’s nothing quite like throwing a stapler at co-workers heads, shredding your bosses tie or eating virtual doughnuts. While the other jobs are just as fun, allowing you to make up weird and wonderful recipes as the chef, or make some dodgy fixes to your favourite customer’s sports car as the mechanic. The possibilities are endless. I dare you to try to stop playing this game once you have started. It’s wonderful.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

I have to admit to not being the biggest horror fan, but there’s no doubt that if you’re looking for a quality full game experience in VR then you can’t go wrong with Resident Evil 7. It’s fantastic that Capcom allows you to play either as standard or through the whole game with your headset on. Just try plugging in your headphones and losing yourself in this world. Just make sure no-one else is around to make you jump out of your skin.


I love Skyrim, I’ve played it on PS3, PS4 and now PSVR too. It’s a wonderful game, which offers a huge expansive world to lose yourself in. Open world Fantasy RPGs are my thing, so how could you not love being able to immerse yourself in one? With dragons, orcs, magic and plenty of exploration, this is an experience for every core gamer out there, well at least until Skyrim Fridge Edition releases.


As mentioned, there are tons of PSVR games out there and they keep on coming, so in that regard here are a few others of note:

  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Bow to Blood
  • DriveClub VR
  • Farpoint
  • Firewall Zero Hour
  • Robinson The Journey
  • Star Trek Bridge Crew
  • Superhot VR
  • The Exorcist: Legion VR
  • The Persistence

As for non-gaming, Sony has tons of experiences on the PlayStation Store, many of which are free to play. There is even a few demo discs, allowing you to try out some of the games mentioned here.

Do you have any PSVR games you would recommend to our readers? If so please leave your comments below.