Sony files patent for rotating PSVR device

Sony has filed a patent for an odd looking gyroscopic seat which is capable of rotating your entire body, all while you are wearing the PSVR – now if that isn’t a recipe for making you feel sick then I don’t know what is.

The patent, filed with the US registry office states “there exists an apparatus to control user’s posture by fastening the user to a seat and rotating the seat”.

Apparently, the new device would “reduce the user’s sense of discomfort due to the discrepancy between the real space and the virtual space,” turning you whatever you are turning within the game. We’ll believe that one when we see it.

By the looks of the picture, this is one for the arcades, rather than the home, given the fact that it looks absolutely huge.

It’s great to see Sony innovating though, perhaps one day it’ll just come up with a version of PSVR that doesn’t make users feel sick just by sitting on the sofa. This doesn’t affect every one of course, but it’s certainly a factor for some, which is likely a reason VR is not quite ready to appeal to the masses quite yet.