Tied Together – Nintendo Switch | Review

Tied Together is a brand new quirky 2D action platformer from Headup Games.  It is a  2-4 player local co-op party game about lab monsters created by scientists. In order to make sure they have cooperation skills, the scientists tie them up together with a rope and set them out on a tricky course to show they can work together.

Be sure you have a friend to play the game with as there is no single player option. With 2 players, you have the option of playing up to 40 levels. If you are able to get 3 other friends, you are able to play 20 levels. The levels themselves can be completed in under 30 seconds. The hardest part will be trying to figure out how to beat them as there are multiple traps laid out throughout the levels to instantly kill you. If your friend can reach your body, they can bring you back to life by hitting you. If you fall into a lava pit or spike trap, you can almost guarantee that you will need to restart the level.  One major perk is that if a level is giving you a hard time, you can simply skip it as every level is available in the beginning.

The charm in the game falls in the game mechanic that everyone playing is tied together. This obviously means that you are not able to move far from one another. This makes communication key to your success. One wrong move will kill one, if not all, of your team. There will be points where one person should jump on a platform while the other hangs underneath it so that the first player can carry you over a pit of lava to grab a key that is hanging over it. You WILL die a lot as you figure out the solution to the level on your way to getting the coveted Gold Ribbon for beating the level fast enough.

Each level has a  different time limit. Gold Ribbons are awarded to the players that can beat the level at the fastest time possible. Silver Ribbons are behind that and usually, there is not much time before you go to the Bronze Ribbon. As long as you can beat the level, you will get a Bronze Ribbon. These are meant to encourage more replayability to the game, but they do not actually unlock anything. Getting a Gold Ribbon in every level will give you bragging rights though as they are very tough to get in certain levels. What felt weird was that there were some very difficult levels scattered throughout the game, but they would be followed by very simple levels. That seemed like a balancing issue.

Final Impressions

Tied Together is a fun game to play at family gatherings as it is very family friendly and simple to play. I do wish that there were more levels as you can blaze through the 40 levels in a matter of about an hour. This goes for the 4 player teams. 20 levels are simply not enough. Overall, it is cheap enough to not pick up for the inevitable laughs you will have!

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Napalmtree / Publisher: Headup Games
Release date: 
Platforms: Nitnendo Switch
Platform Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch

Tied Together


Final Score



  • Family Friendly
  • Decent Replayability
  • Cute Colorful Art Style


  • The Balancing Seems Off
  • Not Enough Levels
  • No Single Player Option