Spider-Man: The Heist – PS4 | Review

Spider-Man The Heist is here, adding yet more quality content to an already outstanding game. This time the focus is on the Maggia, a crime syndicate which seems to have stepped in to cause more chaos in the city which Spider-Man already cleaned up – well they do say a hero’s work is never done.

The head of this motley crew is Hammerhead and somehow he’s dragged the Black Cat into his evil plans. Spider-Man, having had a romantic liaison with the woman in black in the past, knows that something isn’t quite right and soon into the story finds out the reason why she is working with such an evil mastermind.

It’s fair to say when to comes to the plot that The Heist offers up a fantastic story which seems to evolve into a love triangle at points, with the electric tension quite clear to see between Black Cat and Spider-Man, with Mary Jane also playing her part in the story, making life a little awkward for our man in red.

What’s interesting is The Heist doesn’t actually take place within the main game, as I presumed it would, but instead is accessed through the pause menu. This means many of the tasks you’ll complete in the main game are posted missing, such as bases and random crimes, although you will still be able to find landmarks and backpacks. To make up for these missing features The Heist hits you with some of its own, such as challenges from Screwball and to replace the previous Black Cat challenges, a new kind, which sees you searching the city for long-lost stolen art. There are also some random Maggia crimes to take care of too. So while you may think you’ll just be focusing on the story, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s fair to say The Heist is more of the same and that’s certainly no bad thing, although I personally love how the Screwball challenges mix things up, for instance, one challenge will see you have to only use only gadgets to meet your score target and this is trickier than it sounds. While other missions make use of gadgets too, such as using the Spider drone to speed around looking for bombs to diffuse before they explode and cause all manner of chaos. Even the main story has its challenges, seeing you try to stop thieves from escaping the museum with artwork – let one escape out the door and you’ll fail.

Final Impressions

Considering Spider-Man The Heist works out at around £6.49 there is good value here. The story is a great addition to the main game and if you enjoyed the challenges and extras then there is plenty here to keep you busy for an extra few hours, on top of the couple of hours it’ll take you to complete the new story.

Spider-Man: The Heist is out now on the PlayStation Store.

*DLC purchased by ourselves for review*

Developer: Insomniac Games / Publisher: Sony
Release date: 23/10/2018
Platforms: PS4
Platform Reviewed on: PS4 Pro

Spider-Man The Heist


Final Score



  • A great addition to the story
  • Plenty of extra
  • Great Price


  • Extra missions can still be a grind