Sony’s new VR patent allows you to see what’s going on around you

Sony seems to be on a roll when it comes to being granted patents recently and its latest one could help change the face of VR, if anything ever comes of it.

This latest patent could mean when using VR you could soon be able to see what’s going on you, without taking the headset off. This would work thanks to a mix of audio detectors and a camera, which would be embedded on the front of the headset.

“A method includes…Detecting a person speaking in the local environment…by the [head mounted display], and analyzing the captured audio to identify the person speaking in the local environment…presenting a notification through the HMD, the notification providing an option to pause the gameplay of the video game…pausing the gameplay of the video game and presenting through the HMD a view through an externally facing camera of the HMD that enables viewing of the person speaking”

To be honest, we’d love this idea. Often I find myself bashing into walls, or ending up halfway across the room without realising.

Of course, this would mean a new version of PlayStation VR would have to release and hopefully, it would have some other innovations too, such as stopping motion sickness and of course, a cable-free experience.

But maybe we should just focus on one improvement at a time.