Riverbond set to arrive this summer

Riverbond was revealed in Sony’s State of Play last night.

The new game has you cause havoc in a destructible pixel world by hacking enemies and the environment into tiny cubes. The game, coming this summer to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, ​lets players choose ​their ​play style by letting them select from a bevvy of melee and ranged weapons to fight enemies, take down towering bosses or completely decimate everything in sight.

In addition, Riverbond features eight crossover skins from the following beloved indie games. Players can find these playable guest skins hidden in treasure chests throughout the world.

  •   Raz Aquato – Psychonauts
  •   Bullet Kin – Enter the Gungeon
  •   Juan Aguacate – Guacamelee!
  •   Demelza – Knights and Bikes
  •   The Kid – Bastion
  •   Shovel Knight – Shovel Knight
  •   Lover Mu – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
  •   Robot 05 – Planet of the Eyes

“Riverbond features a distinctive voxel art style that has earned praise from all those that have played the game,” said Vanessa Chia, Co-founder and Art Director of Cococucumber. “There’s a tactile joy in destroying things and exploding enemies into tiny cubes! ​Riverbond ​will let you embark on an adventure, cut some grass, decimate the beautifully handcrafted maps, and maybe find a secret or two along the way.”