No Man’s Sky Beyond – Impressions

So we are nearly a week into Beyond now, and I have had the chance to experience how the update has impacted the game. Now I will get this out early, there were some bugs. However, in true NMS style the team at Hello Games have been working hard and sending out patches every day to address them all. None of the bugs caused any crashes or losing of saves files though.

Let’s start with the biggest part of this update for most, the VR. To fully appreciate this update I started a new save, and learnt how to play the game in VR. It is only when going through the tutorial again do you start to understand how much work has gone into this update. Everything has changed to compliment VR and the move controllers. Being able to use your multi-tool to mine while looking round for your next resource is a simple action, but feels great.

Just walking around your starter planet and experiencing the world in VR is amazing. It is hard to put into words how different VR makes this game feel. You get a sense of scale when exploring that you just don’t get in standard mode. It also allows you to take in the detail this game really has, now that you can get up and close to everything.

Having your inventory now floating on your wrist is the only way I would have wanted it in VR. Opening it up and being able to move it around as you want it just so cool. The fact that Hello Games just didn’t leave the menus the same shows the attention they have put into this. Yes the changes do take some getting used to. Yes the move controllers are meant for VR, but once again take some getting used to. However, once you have spent a few hours in VR and get used to the changes, it is well worth it.

We have all probably seen flying your space ship reaction videos out there so probably don’t need me to tell you how fantastic it is. Just sitting in your cockpit and being able to look round would have kept me happy. The detail of being able to open the cockpit by pulling handles or just grabbing the throttle to take off. All of these make for a new interactive flying experience that I always wanted. I will say that flying in VR is not the easiest task when being attacked by pirates, but while just exploring space, it is amazing.

Away from the VR update the game has seen a number of other changes come in that include a new tutorial path, research trees to show paths for unlocking new technology and a whole host of additional updates that make life easier. The fact you can just jump between VR and standard is welcome. I can continue my story in any way I want, but if I am being honest this permadeath trip to the centre of the galaxy will be in VR!

The main negative with the update and it is one, I say with most VR games is that you lose some of the visuals from the VR screens. The game has a blurry feel to it which some might be able to get past but others may hate. I am using the first VR version, so it may be better on a newer model.

When VR launched people were worried that it wouldn’t last, would it have the support and games to really become a piece of tech you needed. No Mans Sky is a reason to get VR. It is a reason that the argument should now be that PSVR needs to get better to keep up with what developers are doing.

It has been mentioned but this game is unrecognisable to the game I bought on launch day for all the right reasons. This game has not only matched the hype it once had but has now passed it.