Fun Tech Gifts The Nerd In Your Life Will Love

Looking for the perfect gift for a nerd in your life? This is the list for you. There is plenty of top-quality tech to choose from for just about every type of geek. Read on to find the next present for your nerd.

The Sinden Lightgun

This amazing gift began life as an IndieGoGo campaign and has quickly grown to become one of the most sought-after bits of tech online. They are struggling to keep up with demand, so if you see one on sale, snap it up quickly; it is completely worth it.

This device takes its inspiration from the best light guns from the retro games consoles of old and works with many retro games emulated on PC, as well as many modern titles available on services like Steam.

You do not need any extra console or device to play, just the light gun and a compatible computer. What makes it special is that it works with modern flat-screen televisions without any extra device or light bar, and aiming with it can be extremely accurate.

The Nintendo Switch Lite

Looking for a way to play some retro titles and the latest modern games on the move? The Nintendo Switch Lite is a small but mighty handheld games console with the power to play top titles and a library filled with the best classic Nintendo games.

The console cannot be plugged into the TV and played from there, like its bigger full-size brother, but it still has all the playability of the bigger Switch. This makes it perfect for playing with friends when you are out and about.

The Square-Off Automated Chessboard

Chess is the sport of nerds. The combat becomes almost gladiatorial as two might chess geeks meet on the black and white battlefield of the chessboard. Two kings enter, but only one king leaves.

The Square-Off automated chessboard is exactly what you think it is, a chessboard where the pieces can move themselves. It is an eerie sight at first, but you soon get used to it. You can play against 20 unique inbuilt AI players or use it to play online against other chess players.

This is where the Square-Off really comes into its own, letting chess masters from around the world meet and play from the comfort of their own homes, or anywhere.

A Mixed Bag Of Geeky Gifts

If you are looking for some cheaper options or stocking fillers for Christmastime, then why not get a selection of fun and geeky gifts for your favourite nerd. You can set any budget you want and get some brilliant little presents and put them together in a big gift bag.

You will find plenty to choose from if you browse online, but there are some standout items that make a great gift for a geek. FreezerBoy fridge magnets can turn a humble kitchen fridge into a giant Nintendo GameBoy. The magnets cannot play Mario, but they can make any white fridge look like the classic handheld console.

Floppy Disk drinks coasters are another good gift for nerds, and there are lots of styles to choose from whether they are PC or Mac or retro gamers who had a Commodore Amiga.

A Star War Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t want to eat the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars? Help your nerd begin their day the right way with the breakfast of champions; Millennium Falcon-shaped waffles.

This gift is more than a fun gag. The waffles it makes are really good, and it is easy to clean too. Waffles make a great breakfast but can also be used in desserts with ice cream and melted chocolate. Foodie nerds will love this one just as much as your average Star Wars fan.

A VPN Subscription For Security, Gaming, And Streaming

Your average nerd will know all about VPN services and already probably use one. You can buy them subscription packages for months or even years, and the prices are low. Whatever your budget, you can get a lot of value and give your geek a gift that is useful too.

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, give their users an extra layer of online security and anonymity. You can also use them to reset your geo-location. This means you can make it look like you are browsing the web from a different country than where you actually are.

Doing this lets you access the Netflix or Amazon Prime services for another country, like America for example, opening up a whole new library of content. If the nerd in your life speaks a second language or has emigrated here from another country, they can access streaming services and watch programs for countries that speak that language.

One or more of these gift ideas should cover you for Christmas or a birthday. Keep hold of this list all year round; you shouldn’t have to try too hard to get the nerd in your life all the gifts they need.