Episode 59 | Fast Paced & Fun

PING! Episode 59 is now live! This week Joe talks us through the news including rumours of Black Ops 4 shipping without a campaign and possibly integrating a Battle Royale game mode and the announcement of the Shadow Of The Tomb Raider reveal due on April 27th. In light of the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 news, Rebecca takes over and introduces our topic in which we discuss developers moving away from single-player and it’s subsequent effects. User Q’s follows in which Nicole runs through some fantastic questions from our Twitter community regarding our favourite indie titles and which video game worlds we’d love to live in – shock horror Becky’s isn’t Yharnam (Bloodborne). God Of War fever strikes as we talk about what we’ve been playing as Dan and Joe discuss their play time on Sony’s Santa Montica Studio’s admirably successful debut. Rob then talks us through this weeks content on the website before Joe wraps things up.

Another reminder not to forget to partake in our monthly screenshot competition. This month you could win a fantastic prize kindly provided by Numskull Designs and entering could not be easier. Simply tag your #PS4Share screenshots with the hashtag #SQXOApril. If you make it into our top four finalists, a public poll via Twitter will decide whether or not you will be receiving these awesome Playstation Coasters:




Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed.

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