Watching the World Cup from a different perspective, thanks to PlayStation VR

The World Cup has its issues, for one Scotland aren’t there. Secondly, the introduction of VAR seems like it is a bit of a mixed bag, however, it’s still the same old World Cup we know and love and now there are even more ways to watch it.

You can say what you like about the BBC, but when it comes to viewer choice it’s actually the best place to watch the latest tournament. The coverage is professional and even better, there’s a huge amount of choice, whether you are watching via Satellite, Cable or on the increasingly impressive BBC iPlayer. Do you own a 4K TV? Brilliant, as thanks to iPlayer on PS4  you can even watch in 4K with HDR support and quite frankly there’s nothing like it, well unless that is, you also own a PlayStation VR.

Taking things one step further, BBC has released a World Cup VR app, allowing you to watch every single match using Virtual Reality and of course, I had to try it. Watching the World Cup in VR is an excellent way to experience the World Cup, mainly because it feels like you are there, sitting in your own private box within the stadium. The app offers three angles, one from behind each goal and one in the centre of the stadium, looking down onto the pitch. It’s really bizarre as it feels like you are there, you can see real people taking their seats within the stadium, although waving at them gets no reaction obviously.

Looking around your surroundings you’ll see a virtual executive box which is nicely designed, although the main attraction is obviously on the pitch, which becomes all the more spectacular when the players come out the tunnel and the crowd roars. Those watching on the TV have the option to see what you see, or you can hit a switch to allow them to experience the game as normal, all while you continue to immerse yourself in the action, feeling the hairs stand on the back of your neck as the teams line up for their national anthems.

Having frequented my favourite stadium, Ibrox Park, on many occasions, I can tell you that when the action kicks off it’s like being there at the World Cup, right in the middle of the host stadium. You feel the excitement of the crowd around you and can shout at the ref until your heart’s content since no-one except those in the same room can hear you anyway.

I’ve no real favourites at the World Cup, so it’s hard for me to be passionate about any team winning, but there’s nothing like watching a Ronaldo screamer flying into the top corner while you watch on from behind the goal. It’s an experience watching on TV just cannot replicate.

PlayStation VR gets a hard time, with many saying its just a fad, however, when you see the brilliant games already available for the system and the likes of BBC supporting the technology in quite a brilliant way, it speaks volumes for what can be achieved.

If you have PlayStation VR then you just need to give the BBC World Cup VR App a try, it’s not to be missed and just think, you can say you were there when …. lift the cup above their head in the final.

You can download the PS4 BBC World Cup VR app here.