Top Video Game Pre-Orders for November 2017

We’ve looked at the top video game pre-orders for August and September and October, so it’s time to round up the rest of the games top releases, with the addition of November (and the little that releases in December).

Of course, November sees the arrival of Xbox One X. Microsoft’s answer to 4K Gaming. How well this console sells at £450 remains to be seen, although we are sure there will be plenty of people out to buy it, since there’s plenty of Xbox fans out there.

There are a few games arriving alongside the console, such as Forza Horizon 7 and Sea of Thieves, while those of a platformer persuasion can also grab Super Lucky’s Tale.

Elsewhere in November, the big hitters arrive, such as Call of Duty WWII, which will no doubt be one of the biggest games of the year, as this series usually is. We’re looking forward to the campaign, although we know most will likely be looking to see if the multiplayer delivers.

Call of Duty WWII comes in both the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Pro Edition.

If you feel the Need for Speed, then Payback is likely the game for you. The popular series returns with cinematic action and plenty of fancy cars and it looks pretty fantastic. In this latest game in the series, you’ll endlessly fine-tune your performance through each of the five distinct car classes (Race, Drift, Off-Road, Drag, and Runner). Need for Speed: Payback comes in the Standard Edition, as well as the Deluxe Edtion.

Perhaps our most highly anticipated game of the year is Star Wars: Battlefront II. We do love a bit of Star Wars and we loved the first game, so are sure this will be even better. Especially since it includes a campaign and will not split the community with a season pass, something which ruined the last game really.

Battlefront II comes in both the Standard and Deluxe Edition, the latter of which gives you up to 3 days early access.

Also arriving in November are The Sims 4 for console, L.A Noire Remastered, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 and Skyrim VR,

Gran Turismo Sport is out now, while Ace Combat 7 and Vampyr are both due soon.

Remember, you can save £2 on most of these pre-orders if you are a Prime Member.