The latest Big Ass Update means you should now get a grip of GRIP

Patches are a common occurrence in games nowadays. Day 1 patches are fixing games before we can get our hands on the game, bug fix patches come as quick as bugs appear and update patches are bringing life back into forgotten games like No Mans Sky. Is there any modern game out there that hasn’t been hit by a patch?

Well, a game that has recently been patched is GRIP, a game I had the fun of reviewing way back when it came out. Now I won’t list this mega patch update as it is full of content, but changes have come to multiplayer, AI, vehicles, achievements, bug fixes, language, system, campaign, tracks and weapons. Pretty much every aspect of the game will get some love from this massive patch.

An example to show that even the simplest of fixes can come through patches is that among the massive patch notes is the simple update ‘flags added to start/finish line’. Moving on to the bigger picture though and the patch does what it is meant to. A word repeated through the patch notes is ‘sharpened’ and it is clear that this has happened.

Tracks/Maps now appear clearer as you race through them. The darkness from when I first played the game has gone. Even waiting on the start line you can notice the details of the combat machines and track a lot easier. Seeing as you are travelling at 600mph this update is very much welcome.

AI has improved as well. Standard races and combat arenas against the AI are more of a challenge. Going through a number of races to test this out, I was challenged in most. At no point was I just storming off into the lead to have a lonely race.

One of the more noticeable updates is to the weapons, especially the rockets. Shooting them straight into the ground has now been reduced as well as them exploding on your own vehicle. They have a better lock on to enemies and watching them seek out the enemy has improved. It is easy to see the rockets doing a better job of getting a hit this time round.

A lot of the update fixes bugs that have obviously been reported by players. This includes unlocking achievements that were previously not working. I can’t comment on these as I never experienced a lot of the bugs that have now been fixed.

Overall the game is only getting better after this massive patch. I believe there is enough in here to warrant going back to check GRIP out again. I look forward to seeing what comes next to this fun combat racing game.