Super Cane Magic Zero – PS4 | Review

Well, that was mental!

Super Cane Magic Zero quite possibly is one of the most insane games I have ever played from a storyline point of view. It’s like when a child tells a story that sounds incredible but its totally crazy and all over the place, but in a good way.

There is a dog that is going to end up destroying the world, you get arrested for crashing into a planet and causing an unauthorised crater, you then are released just for the sake of it and you set off on your quest to save the world. You will recruit friends and magicians along the way and it plays out in really random funny ways. I dont think I have ever played a game that is quite as mad as this one, but it does work.

The gameplay is billed as RPG Action. I’d put more weight on the action, to be honest. You can select a starting character from 4 that are available and they have slightly different stats and ability. You do get gear and pick up items that buff stats etc along with eating different types of food that offer up temp buffs and power-ups that do become important especially when the elemental side of attacks come into play. It is played in a sort of link to the past style and in some ways is kinda like that with regards to how it plays. Combat is real time and lots of fun and to me, it doesn’t really feel like an RPG (which is good as I don’t really like them anymore).

Dungeons in the game are really well done offering different visual styles and challenges. There is some puzzling involved but nothing that weighs it down in any way. Through these dungeons and game, in general, you will notice lots of little nods to gaming pop culture and little I guess you call them easter eggs. Now being a sad lonely person I don’t really have people to game with locally (insert tiny violin here) but if unlike me you actually have real humans you can call friend then you can sit down and play this title with up to four of them which seems like it would be an excellent way to play. Sadly as there is not an option for online I could not try this. I should also point out there is an arena battle mode if you just want to best up your friends, but as stated above I could not try this sadly.

I did mention before the game is just a bit mad and I think the visuals match that mad style pretty well. The colours used in level designs are bright and punchy. The character designs themselves range from talking cakes to exploding chickens so expect humour all around. The soundtrack is almost retro inspired but it’s also very arcade sounding and I’m tempted to say, frantic.

Final Impressions

I enjoyed Super Cane Magic Zero. The game is surprisingly long but it never felt boring to play. The gameplay is fun and walks a perfect line when it comes to the challenge it offers I suppose my only real negative is they never managed to get online into it. Not everyone has people round to game and I really do think the title will be way more fun with friends. That being said I enjoyed my time with the title playing solo, it would have just been nice to have online.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Studio Evil / Publisher: Studio Evil
Release date: 30/05/2019
Platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Platform Reviewed: PS4 Pro

Super Cane Magic Zero


Final Score



  • Funny
  • Co-op
  • Good visuals
  • Decent length


  • No Online