Six major titles still to come for the PS4

With the official announcement from Sony that the PlayStation 5 will be in our living rooms by Christmas 2020, many gamers will be wondering what’s left for their beloved PS4s.

No need to take out the second mortgage just yet in anticipation of Sony’s new powerhouse home console as there are some future classics ready to be released by the end of this and early next year for your current console.


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Release Date: October 25th 2019

Developed by: Infinity Ward

There has been a wealth of remastered games in recent years but instead of giving the 2007 genre-defining first-person shooter a fresh lick of paint, Infinity Ward are giving us a reimagining of the gritty, tactical warfare that was so well received years ago. Modern Warfare will have a focus on realism and a brand new epic solo campaign story that was omitted from last year’s multiplayer-focused Black Ops 4.

The game will also include a brand new co-op mode that Infinity Ward tells us will allow players to tackle multi-stage encounters in whichever way they see fit. There will also be some familiar surroundings from previous COD titles.


Death Stranding

Release Date: November 8th 2019

Developed by: Kojima Productions

Death Stranding is one of the most ambitious titles of recent years and has been talked about by gamers and critics alike since it’s first trailer released at E3 2016, yet still, no one knows what it’s really about. Apart from Kojima himself obviously.

Featuring some big stars like Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen and The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, the game seems to focus on dealing with shadow enemies while reconnecting isolated cities in a fractured society. I’m very interested to understand the purpose of the foetus in a container that you carry around with you…


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Release Date: 15th November 2019

Developed by: Respawn Entertainment 

The latest gen of Star Wars titles have been hit with mixed reviews and EA has come under fire with their reluctance to address the issue of loot boxes and microtransactions in their games. They hoping to win back some of the doubters with this latest galactic effort. Developed by Respawn Entertainment (Creators of Titanfall), Fallen Order sees a young Jedi escaping The Empire in a third-person action-adventure that takes place just after the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Combining big action set pieces and lots of lightsaber swinging action, Fallen Order looks like a very promising title to add to the Star Wars catalogue.


The Last of Us Part 2

Release Date: Naughty Dog

Developed by: February 21st 2020

Perhaps one of the greatest stories ever told on the PlayStation is getting a sequel. It may not have needed one but I’m sure glad it did. Not a lot has been given away about the story but the focus in trailers so far is Ellie, who is seemingly hell-bent on revenge. The sheer brutality and deep human emotions that are incorporated into The Last Of Us is something that has yet to be matched in any other zombie title and players cannot wait to sink their teeth into the sequel.

Naughty Dog have so far stayed quiet on the role that Joel will play in this game which just adds to the intrigue.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

Release Date: 3rd March 2020

Developed by: Square Enix

What can be said about Final Fantasy VII that hasn’t been said already? It is one of the most beloved JRPGs of all time and its remake is finally coming out early 2020, much to the delight of Final Fantasy fans and gamers who may have never had the chance to play the original PS1 version.

It has been a huge undertaking to remake the game from the ground up and looking at the footage from the released trailers, we can see that the hard work has paid off. The game’s scale is so large in fact that it will be spread across multiple titles and discs, with the first game being set in Midgar. Get ready to swing Cloud’s giant sword one more time.


Cyberpunk 2077

Release Date: April 16th 2020

Developed by: CD Projekt Red

Known for their sweeping open worlds and engaging narratives thanks to their Witcher series of games, CD Projekt Red have created a new and exciting Cyberpunk first-person shooter with RPG elements which is shaping up to be another classic for the Polish developers.

Players take control of a mercenary with skills in hacking and combat. The customisable options are seemingly endless with many of your choices affecting the game world including how NPCs react towards you.

Also, Keanu Reeves.


There is still a lot of life in the current-gen, and there are many more titles that we haven’t even mentioned! Which games are you looking forward to?