SEGA Ages: Out Run – Nintendo Switch | Review

Out Run, the racer where it all began for me. The game which fueled not only my love of cars but racing games too. I have fond memories of failing to reach checkpoint after checkpoint and after playing the Nintendo Switch rerelease, I have to say not much has changed in that respect.

SEGA’s Out Run is a simple game in that all you have to do is speed to each checkpoint before you run out of time. Simply sit back, take in the nostalgic but pretty pixelated graphics and enjoy the ride. There’s something about getting behind the wheel of the game’s beautiful red convertible and steering it through traffic at high speed which frills like no other game. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia, but to me, Out Run has lost none of its appeal, it’s as addictive and fun as ever, plus it’s only £5.99 on the Nintendo Store, which for me makes it a no brainer, especially for those who’ve never sampled its charms.

While the gameplay is essentially untouched, SEGA has added in a few new features which are worth mentioning, for instance, just before you drive you are met with the option to select from the game’s wide range of classic music and it’s here the developer has added in a few new tracks for you to choose from, but that’s not all, since you also have the option of new motion controls and even better, a new ranking system which encourages you to beat your previous time, which in my case would hardly be difficult.

As mentioned, even though this game is based on the original, pixelated graphics and all, this new version comes with widescreen support, meaning it takes full advantage of the Switch’s wonderful widescreen and since it’s running at 60 frames per second, it runs smooth as butter, allowing for an excellent overall experience. Sure it’s not the prettiest game you’ll ever see, but there’s still a wonderful, nostalgic appeal to what you’ll see on screen.

So why do I love this game so much? To be honest, it’s more than one thing. For instance, I love when you start up the game and choose your music on the radio, setting you up for the drive ahead, then as you step into your red convertible you put the pedal to the metal, while you passenger takes in all the wonderful, tropical surroundings. Who hasn’t dreamed of speeding along an open highway, with the roof down and no speed camera in sight? But it’s not only that, it’s the choice too. I love the fact you can choose your path, there are five finish lines and multiple paths along the way, each offering their own unique scenery and challenge. Which path will you choose?

Final Impressions

Out Run is a game I could and likely will spend a lot of time with. The combination of exciting racing, a fantastic soundtrack and wonderfully nostalgic graphics is just too much to say no too. I loved this game when I first played it and I still love it now. Give it a go, it might surprise you.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: SEGA / Publisher: SEGA
Release date: 11/01/2019
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed: Nintendo Switch

SEGA Ages: Out Run


Final Score



  • Some nice added features
  • Drives as great as ever
  • Looks fantastic
  • Great Soundtrack


  • Maybe only for the nostalgic