Sairento – PSVR | Review

The catalogue of games on the PlayStation VR continues to grow and add to that line up of games on the 5th July is Sairento. You play as an enhanced ninja with an array of weapons to kit yourself out with and plenty of abilities to upgrade.

You are a member of the Silent Ones and find yourself waking up after an explosion on the streets of Japan. It is then your job to clear the streets of any enemies while uncovering the conspiracy of what is going on. As with most VR games, it isn’t too long, this one is around 5 hours long to complete, but it offers plenty of extra content to keep you busy.

This game requires both move controllers and with good reason. You equip your weapons by grabbing over your shoulder with the move controller for shoulder weapons or at your hips for any holstered weapons. No this doesn’t get old as it feels so cool to grab a sword off your back. You then aim of slash with the aim controllers or use both to use a bow and arrow.

Movement is a mix of basic forward motion with the option to look where you want to go or rotating yourself with square and triangle on the controller or by launching yourself forward like a teleport style but instead, it is a jump. You can jump onto walls to wall run around or jump high up to give yourself a better view of the map. It does take some getting used to but once you have the hang of it then you will be clearing through levels with style in no time.

There is a great selection of weapons from holstered pistols to shoulder carrying shotguns. You can go out with 4 ranged weapons and hope your accuracy isn’t too bad or mix submachine guns with melee swords for that closeup fight. Flying through the air while you unload two rifles into an enemy is pretty nice.

To get the full experience of this game you do need a bit of space to move around. Weapons are reloaded by dropping your arms down. You may be hitting one enemy with a sword in your left hand while looking right and shooting someone. This was hard to do when sat down, even with the sitting down settings on. Playing the game standing up was much easier but ended up like a bit of a workout.

You have a skills upgrade tree that you can work through as well that includes faster reload and better health. Your armour and weapons can also have relics on them to give specific bonuses like better damage or fast health regeneration. Altogether you can build a character that works to your playstyle because as fun as this game is, it can get difficult.

Once you have gone through the story missions though and found your style, the game has plenty of challenges, survival mode and daily challenges to keep you busy. Add in multiplayer as well and I am sure you will have plenty of fun with this game. I never got to try the multiplayer due to it not being out yet so not sure if this is mission co-op or fights against other players.

Visually the game doesn’t really offer anything to shout about but as I always say with my VR reviews, that is as much about the headset as it is the game. However, there aren’t many other negatives with this game so I can certainly recommend it.

Final Impressions

This game is action packed VR fun! Probably not for those who suffer motion sickness but if you can get past the flying through the air and killing a range of enemies with dual wielding pistols, get this game. The more you play of this game the more fun it becomes as you pick up the controls. You are stuck with VR level visuals but that is easily forgiven as your swing your motion controllers dealing death all around you.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Mixed Realms Publisher: Mixed Realms
Release date: 05/07/19
Platforms: PSVR, PC
Platform Reviewed: PSVR



Final Score



  • Plenty of content
  • Impressive combat
  • Great use of VR and move controllers


  • Visuals are not great
  • Needs a better tutorial