Renew your PlayStation Plus and save £10 before the price increase

PlayStation Plus, Sony’s online multiplayer service which offers discounts and free monthly games, is to increase in price from £39.99 to £49.99 starting August 31.

Thankfully, there is a way around being affected by the PlayStation Plus increase, for a while at least, thanks to the ability to stack memberships. This allows you to buy PlayStation Plus at the current price of £39.99 ahead of the price increase, meaning that you can avoid paying extra.

All you need to do is purchase a 12 month PlayStation Plus code and redeem it against you PlayStation account. You can do this with as many codes as you like, allowing you to stack the memberships for as long as you like.

We picked up the £29.99 18-month membership during Prime Day, but that was a one off bargain. So if you are planning to pick up PS Plus, make sure you do so before August 31 and save yourself at least £10.

One important note is if you auto subscribe through Sony, you will need to cancel an auto renewing membership before it expires, otherwise, you’ll be charged the new price, although if you manage to stack the memberships using codes before this happens, then it won’t really affect you until the new expiry date.

Want to know your membership expiry date? Well, a neat trick to find this out is to visit your account, go to games and have a look at the expiry date on the PlayStation Plus games you have recently downloaded, this is the same expiry date as your PlayStation Plus membership.

We hope this proves useful.

You can order PlayStation Plus here.