Rascal Revolt – PS4 | Review

Rascal Revolt is yet another title which spawns from the excellent PlayStation Talents program in Spain. We’ve already seen the likes of DeilandTimothy vs the Aliens and Flynn and Freckles and now, thanks to Seamantis Games we have another indie game which is well worth your attention.

Set in a theme park gone wrong, Rascal Revolt can be thought of as a co-op multiplayer shooter which throws all manner of ideas into the mix and comes out a winner. There are three modes included in the game; The Campaign and two Survival (or Horde) style modes, all of which are a lot of fun.

The campaign is where you’ll spend most of your time, which has you playing through various missions either on your own or with up to three friends. Here the screen will split evenly and you’ll work together to take on the enemy, which mainly consists of colourful pinatas and wicked clowns, although in truth there are many more enemies which will spawn your way, including a large ‘carebear’ style teddy bear which will hug the life out of you unless you escape its evil grasp.

The action is frantic, with enemies coming at you in force and from all directions, never giving you a moment’s peace to compose yourself. Even worse is the fact you’re on the clock, with each mission counting down the time until you fail. Each mission has a set objective, so one moment you’ll be collecting chocolate coins, while the next you are trying to wrestle away a chocolate bar from a runaway Zebra and believe me, this isn’t easy, especially when he’s just as determined to keep it.

Playing in co-op definitely adds a lot more value to Rascal Revolt, especially since you can combine forces to unleash a powerful combo attack. Not only that but sometimes objectives aren’t clearly marked, which can be a problem when you are against the clock, so working as a team to find these objectives and complete them is often essential.

I have to admit to not always getting on with the fact objectives aren’t marked, for instance in one mission type you’ll have to collect candy canes and return them to your base and while the location of the candy canes is clear, you aren’t told where your base is, so you’ll have to search around to find it, which can be a frustrating experience, although once you do find the base it makes for a mad rush to finish in time.

There is a tactical element included since you can choose from four different characters, each of which has a different ability. Axel, for instance, is the speedy one, while Billy can spawn sweets to replenish health. There’s also JM and Maki-chan, each of whom adds their own special touch. I wouldn’t say it is essential, but if you manage to play with all four players then it’s worth at least having a healer on board.

As mentioned, there are various game types, each of which you’ll fail should you not complete them by the time the clock runs down, however, should you manage to complete three of them this will then allow you to face up to the end boss, known as ‘Flario,’ a large Dragon who is pretty difficult to beat. Even worse, here you only have one life and no respawn, so once again you’ll all need to work together to defeat him.

Survival Mode is as it sounds. You’ll face enemies in 21 waves, each of which will get increasingly difficult as the waves progress. There are certainly some crazy goings on here, such as a large pinata which fires rainbow coloured eye lasers, which you’ll have to fend off in order to stop the other enemies from stealing your flag. Should you lose the flag it’s game over and in the case of Extreme Survival mode, even your character’s demise will be enough to end the game.

Final Conclusion

I have to say I quite enjoy the frantic nature of Rascal Revolt. I played in co-op with the children and they had a lot of fun with the colourful characters and simple nature of the game. They did comment that the game “could quite confusing” on occasion, mostly due to the fact you don’t always know where your base is or that some objectives aren’t clearly marked, however, there’s no doubt that for such a low profile title, Rascal Revolt is a highly polished game provides a lot of entertainment, so what more can you ask for?

*Code kindly provided by the developer for review purposes*

Developer: Seamantis Games / Publisher: Seamantis Games
Release date: 27/03/2018
Platforms: PS4
Platform Reviewed on: PS4 Pro

Rascal Revolt


Final Score



  • Colourful
  • Fun in Multiplayer
  • Survival Mode is challenging


  • Combos don't seem to work
  • Objectives not always clear