Portal Knights – PS4 | Review

It is quite evident within the first few minutes of starting your adventure in Keen Games’, Portal Knights that the developers have tried to adapt the sandbox/ survival feel of block-bashing titles, Minecraft and Terraria, into a title that hones the same simplicity and replay-ability but with considerably more focus. Portal Knights is an action-RPG, survival game in which the player must create a character and dive into realms shattered by “the fracture” and traverse the now separate lands by scavenging resources and rebuilding portals.



Now, many fellow gamers will agree that character customisation is just as enjoyable as it is the bane of any players gaming experience. Fortunately, Portal Knights incorporates a very simplistic character creation element upon starting the game, in which the player can choose between three classes (Warrior, Ranger or Mage) and then alter their chosen characters appearance. The varying classes will dictate what weapons, armour and combat options are available to the player. Don’t fret though if you wish to change things up a little, a player has the choice to create multiple characters/ save files in this epic title. The crafting style and interfaces within Portal Knights are pleasantly easy to comprehend. The crafting interface and general HUD itself is undemanding to navigate and with a press of a button, you can uncover more detail about crafting materials. Much like Minecraft, Portal Knights eases you into the game’s mechanics and crafting interfaces by starting you off on a tutorial island. Here the player can cover the basics from manoeuvring their character, crafting a workbench, familiarising themselves with the combat style and abilities and even get building their very first portal. It’s an exceptionally warm welcome to the game and negates any time spent pondering any how-to’s, allowing you to focus on getting on with your adventure. It also makes Portal Knights a lot more appropriate for the younger portion of the gaming community.



As mentioned prior, Portal Knights draws considerable inspiration from the likes of Minecraft and Terraria in regards to it’s building and crafting features and the general depth of it’s exploration. However, it also possesses some RPG factors such as a combat style similar to that in The Legend Of Zelda series. Battling the colourful, cartoon enemies within the game is very addictive and straight-forward, requiring the player to merely swap between weapons/ spells/ potions on the hot bar (more efficiently if assigned accordingly to buttons on the d-pad) and dodge the enemies attacks whilst locking on and dispensing your own carnage. Defeating enemies is one of few ways the player can gain experience points which can then be piled into a skill/ talent tree, in order to allow the player to cater to their own gaming preferences. Alongside battling baddies, experience can be gained through completing quests on behalf of characters you meet as you journey through the portal-linked realms. The combination of these elements provide the game with a vibrant and exciting world to explore in which players can gather a vast array of crafting resources, which can be used to build tools or intricate structures to house their more precious finds. The player is ultimately looking to upgrade their arsenal enough to take on the toughest enemies within the game.



It is apparent that both developer (Keen Games) and publisher (505 Games) have worked extraordinarily hard to bring this title to the market. Portal Knights is a vibrant and exceptionally aesthetic easy play, harnessing pretty much inexhaustible replay-ability. It’s worlds are wonderfully joyous and stimulating to explore and whilst accompanied by a delightfully light-hearted soundtrack, the game becomes even more enjoyable still. Portal Knights is almost effortless to get to grips with and you’ll find trying to dedicate a mere hour to it anything but easy, solely due to how insanely addictive it becomes the more you play and level up your character. Furthermore, although I began a playthrough “offline” by myself, Portal Knights does in fact feature a fantastic multiplayer option in which players and friends alike can team up to share a joint adventure. I would without question recommend this tranquil yet remarkably compelling title to anyone who A. Has enjoyed Minecraft or/ and Terraria, both of which being games that share a pleasing likeness and B. Anyone who enjoys a enthralling game that in spite of it’s simplicity, will keep your mind engrossed and your interest peaked for hours on end.