Overcooked 2: Surf and Turf – PS4 | Review

Surf and Turf is the first bit of DLC for the well-known Overcooked 2 and if you don’t know about Overcooked then check out our review of the game here.

This DLC keeps the structured chaos that we all loved from the main story but just puts you into a new location. The food council has sent the onion King on a slight vacation as they put it to the Stilton Resort and you are tasked with collecting more scrumptious receipts to please the council and make up for the unbread incident we are all familiar with. You navigate through the 12 new kitchens with your camper van on a map that gradually unlocks as the previous did. This time around you will make all new smoothies, kebabs and burgers for your ever-growing impatient customers.

Accessed through the Extras option of the game means there is no need to have completed the main story to enjoy this new experience. However, having spent some time on the main campaign with both friends and my partner (a non-gamer) I would say this DLC is not for first-timers. The levels are harder from the start compared to the main story and before you know it you are very quickly back into the rage of “just throw me the damn pineapple”. I found it a challenge to even think about getting 3 stars on some of the levels let alone attempt to get them.

The mechanics of the game remain the same as you try to navigate the kitchens to collect, dice and blend as many ingredients as you can before your timer runs out. Each level has its 3-star target for you to achieve and gradually adds more hurdles in your way as you progress through this new story. What is very clear from the get-go is that you need to be comfortable with the dash and throw. Every second seems to count more in Surf and Turf so throwing fruits directly into a blender to save you travelling to it may be the only way to get those 3 stars. I won’t mention the 4th star for New Game+ mode as that was beyond my reach but is there for anyone willing to try.

If you liked Overcooked 2 then you are going to enjoy Surf and Turf and if you liked New Game+ then this is even more for you. I would recommend you play with friends who have seen your Overcooked 3-star hunting side as these levels are certainly going to challenge your patience. Even though this DLC maintains the humour, colourfulness and wonderful kitchen designs of the base game it is not for the children but people who are prepared for a challenge.

For the trophy fans, there have been 7 new trophies added for you to collect and they offer a mix of challenges for you to attempt. From the simple wash 150 dirty plates or glasses to the real challenge of 3 stars on every level.

Final impressions 

Surf & Turf is Overcooked through and through. Team 17 had the right recipe for the main game and now they have just added a perfect accompanying side dish because as they say, ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’. Expect laughs, tears, joy and pain as you progress through more of the Overcooked madness.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Team 17 / Publisher: Team 17
Release date: 03/10/2018
Platforms: PS4
Platform Reviewed on: PS4 Pro

Overcooked 2: Surf and Turf


Final Score



  • Remains fun, bright and chaotic
  • It’s a challenge from the beginning 


  • Little hard if you haven’t played in a while