Midnight Deluxe PSVita/PS4 | Review

I won’t keep you too long here with this review. Like the game, it’ll be short, sweet, contain some annoyances, but overall hold some merit…

Midnight Deluxe is the spiritual successor to 36 Fragments of Midnight, although rather than being a procedurally generated platformer, it is what the love child of Angry birds and Tiger Woods PGA Tour would look like.

Midnight Deluxe review

You control your cute little cube of light by angling the left stick and pressing X. The direction and pressure you are pushing on the stick is displayed to give you an idea of trajectory, but not the whole flight path is shown, with the goal of landing ‘Midnight’ (that’s what I call him/her) in the square shaped hole at the end of each level.

Over the past few months Ratalaika games have built a reputation for releasing quick, easy games to platinum, and Midnight Deluxe follows this format. There are 70 levels in the game, however you only need to finish 40 of them to gain the holy grail of trophies, and this takes a little less than an hour (plus it’s cross-buy with multiple trophy list – so you get 2 bangs for your buck). You do not even have to achieve the highest score of three stars on each level… And, this is my problem. Because actually, Midnight Deluxe is a fun way to pass the time, the levels are challenging, the game looks nice, it plays fairly solid and the soundtrack wonderful, however, once you hit that level 40 point, there is no incentive to carry on (well, for Trophy Hunters like me at least).

I would have quite liked Ratalaika to have made the platinum trophy harder. Why not complete all levels, or even 3 star all levels, rather than being this simple (we know why… Sales). That is not to say there is anything to stop those who don’t care about trophies going any further and doing this, however, when that is the games target market, I feel they would have done better to do it that way.

Midnight Deluxe review

As you go through the levels the difficulty does increase, but not to the point of wanting to smash your Dualshock/Vita into a wall, again, this is down to the fact you only need to finish levels and not get the best score.

For the sum of £3.99, I think Midnight Deluxe will probably only be played by those looking for an easy platinum or two, along with the odd casual gamer who wants a quick challenge during their commute. It is fun while it lasts, but do not expect lots of replayability or incentive to keep playing once that shiny blue trophy pops.

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**A code for the game was kindly provided by Ratalaika Games for review purposes**

Developer: Petite Games / Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Release date: OUT NOW
Platforms: Ps4 / PSVita
Platform Reviewed on: PSVita

Midnight Deluxe


Final Score



  • Decent casual gameplay
  • Two easy Platinums
  • Lovely Soundtrack
  • Cross-Play


  • No incentive to play fully