Metal Wolf Chaos XD – PS4 | Review

Metal Wolf Chaos XD opens up with a mech stomping a military plane causing it to plunge loudly into a base, all while the guy inside the mech makes quips left right and centre. When a game starts this way, you know you’re in for a weird experience.

Welcome to Metal Wolf Chaos, a game that originally came out as an Xbox exclusive. Moreover, it was originally only ever released in Japan. The only way to for Western gamers to play was to ship it over. This was, and still is, an expensive practice. The only other option then was to watch a let’s play on YouTube, which means you don’t get the full hands-on experience. But fear not, we now all have the chance to get our hands on it thanks to this HD remaster!

You play as U.S. President Michael Wilson, who happens to own a state of the art mech suit capable of taking on any threat. The Vice President has staged a military coup d’état, taking over the White House and every other government institution. It’s up to you, as the president, to save the day. This sadly means he won’t be able to attend any meetings for a while.

Admittedly, it is difficult to review a game which came out 15 years ago, especially given the fact that I, along with many others weren’t able to play the original to compare it to. The gameplay is chaotic, with plenty of destruction that would make Battlefield blush. It also features some hilariously written dialogue and is absolutely unapologetically patriotic, all of which make for a stand-out mech game.

Missions are set in different cities throughout the US, your mission is to liberate these areas by clearing out enemy soldiers and rescuing prisoners of war.  Your mech has a plethora of weapons, from standard pistols to rocket launchers, there’s more than one way to fight for democracy. The mech itself can be used against the enemy, allowing you to dash or slam into things. Dispatch enough enemies to use a special attack, which unleashes all 8 equippable weapons in a devastating flurry.  You pick up new weapons along the way, along with bonus funds to help invest in new weapons like a powerful rail gun . With over 100 varieties to pick and choose from, you shouldn’t get bored anytime soon.

Final impressions

It’s great news that Metal Wolf Chaos is now available to a wider audience, instead of potentially costing hundreds, you can now play this classic for less than £20.

It’s fantastic that FromSoftware trusted Devolver Digital to deliver this remaster, General Arcade have done a tremendous job in getting it optimised for modern technology while leaving what made this game a cult classic, untouched. It plays like a game from 2004, which isn’t a bad thing as it plays extremely well.

I hope other games that had similar issues start getting this sort of treatment in the near future.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: General Arcade/FromSoftware Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release date: 6/8/19
Platforms: PS4, Xbox and PC
Platform Reviewed: PS4

Metal Wolf Chaos


Final Score



  • You get to actually play this game
  • It plays fantastically
  • So bad it’s good voice acting


  • The age of the game may put people off