Life is Strange 2 : Rules – PS4 | Review

Life is Strange 2 got off to a good start in its first episode, with enough of drama packed in to keep you satisfied, which is just as well since Episode 2 decides to dramatically slow things down, no doubt with an eye to the future.

‘Rules’ starts off fairly slowly, picking up where the last episode left off, while also advising if you haven’t played the free demo known as “The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit”, you should play it now. We start somewhere in the woods, in a cold, lonely place, although at least the boys have found shelter in the form of an abandoned house. This offers a place for the night and a chance to catch up and eat, before they head off for their next destination, the boy’s grandparents house, on their mother’s side.

When they arrive in the town of Beaver Creek, much to their grandparent’s surprise, they start to feel a little safer and start making new friends, one of whom may be familiar if you’ve played the aforementioned Captain Spirit.

Rules is set around Xmas time, so once the boys make friends with the neighbour and get to know him a little more, they’ll eventually visit the town, where they meet another new friend,  setting up a relationship, which while not obvious at first, will carry into the next episode. While in the town the boys help pick up a Xmas tree and generally just wait around until the plot decides to unfold, much like it does when they return home to their grandparent’s house.

All this time Daniel is just beginning to learn that he has telekinesis powers and the longer the episode goes on, the more powerful he becomes, although he also becomes more defiant too, ignoring his brothers advise to keep his power under wraps in an effort to avoid any unwanted attention. It’s a difficult balance for Sean since he wants to keep his brother onside, but at the same time wants to keep him safe.

Final Impressions

Life is Strange has always offered a very balanced mix of plot twists and drama, but the issue with Rules is that it feels like a filler. A way to move the plot on without giving too much back, which in all honesty makes this episode feel a little tedious. After the highs of the first episode, there was always going to be some sort of lull, the problem is that it’s spread over the course of this whole episode.

One thing I’m sure of is that ‘Rules’ is a one-off, a way to move the story on and get to the good stuff. If you can accept this then I’m sure you’ll be rewarded when Episode 3 of Life is Strange 2 rolls around.

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Developer: DontNod Entertainment / Publisher: Square Enix
Release date: 24/01/2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
Platform Reviewed: PS4 Pro

Life is Strange 2: Rules


Final Score



  • The decent story continues
  • Still looks great


  • Hits a bit of a lull
  • Not a lot of game changing decisions to make