Intruders Hide and Seek – PSVR | Review

Here we go! Another horror style VR game waiting to make me jump out of my skin. Intruders: Hide and Seek is brought to you by Spanish Tessera Studios, their first step into the VR world. The game is listed as a stealth game but it certainly has a horror look to it. A quick note on this game, it doesn’t have to be played in VR which is interesting. I went for VR to get the full experience.

The game is set at your families’ holiday home in Longwoods. You play as Ben, one of two young children. It has a slow start with the first 30 minutes of the game setting the scene for you. Dad is a scientist who needed a break from his work, sister needs medication to help her anxiety, there is a mention of a panic room and at dinner a storm starts. You can already see where this is going.

Learning the game is done through some basic house activities as soon as you arrive. It covers the usual around X to interact and L3 to run, you won’t use that too often though. Playing a game of Hide and Seek with your sister shows you how to hide inconveniently placed cupboards. You get shown a heart beat while hiding that you control by shaking the controller up and down. Apart from this tutorial I never used it again in the game but it was an interesting mechanic.

The game really starts at night though when the storm hits and you discover the panic room. From here you witness 3 intruders take your parents into the basement and start their hunt for you and your sister. You now need to survive the night while trying to save your family. Venturing around your house with the power cut off while trying to get help and save everyone covers most of your objectives. You quickly learn the layout and gain home advantage which plays a big part in maintaining a stealth approach.

You are split from your sister who stays in the panic room as you decide to go be the hero. Staying in communication with your sister is done through a walkie talkie, which I don’t think anyone else can hear. It adds an interesting dynamic to the game as your sister sends you warnings and requests as you progress. At times it also adds a sense of urgency as your sister starts to struggle without her medication.

The three intruders have varying patrol patterns around the house and these change as the story progresses. You can learn the patrolling patterns quickly which will help you pick the best route to get by. Apart from some unavoidable occasions where you are forced to hide in a cupboard, I never had to use them. You can sneak past the intruders pretty easily and avoid detection for most of the game. However, I did test getting caught and the great audio of their footsteps chasing you or being nearby does always keep you on the edge, it adds the fear of being caught.

How the story unfolds is the scariest part of this game. As the game progresses the story keeps twisting and turning in a way I did not see coming. Considering you are playing as a child the story turns dark late on and offers up a clearer explanation of the situation you are in. I won’t say much more as not to ruin it but just be ready for a good story.

The game can probably be completed in 3 or so hours depending on how brave you are feeling. There are collectables in the game which you can go back and collect through the chapter selection if you miss any the first time around. At the end of the game there is a choice to be made which may warrant a second play but apart from that, the one playthrough should do it. I collected 73% of the trophies in my play so could be a good platinum trophy.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Of course, playing in VR makes it fun as you lean around corners to see if it’s safe, no that hasn’t got old for me yet. Unfortunately, the PSVR power lets it down slightly. As most of this game is played at night, the VR doesn’t do great in low light situations so can be frustrating. This isn’t a developers issue but worth mentioning.

Final Impressions

This game isn’t the horror game I was expecting, maybe the artwork led me astray. However, I still really enjoyed playing. The game length worked well with the story, it didn’t feel dragged out and played out naturally. The stealth in the game is good and it still offers a slight fear factor as the chance of getting caught is always there. Give the game a go, you won’t be disappointed.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Tessera Studios / Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Release date: 13/02/2019
Platforms: PSVR
Platform Reviewed: PSVR

Intruders Hide and Seek


Final Score



  • Good legnth of gameplay
  • Interesting story twists
  • Maintains a fear factor of being caught throughout


  • Not too challenging
  • VR lets the game down when too dark