Grand Prix Story – Nintendo Switch | Review

Ever wanted to play motorsport manager on your Nintendo Switch? Tough you can’t, however, you can now play Grand Prix Story on your switch and while it’s not as deep as something like motorsport manager its still lots of fun.

Kairosoft is a company known quite well in the mobile space and has released plenty of “Lite” tycoon style games ranging from hotel management to game development. In fact, if you have ever played “Game Dev Tycoon” you have basically just played a more detailed version of “Game Dev Story”.

Gameplay in this game is crazy simple. It all comes down to upgrading your stats of your team and driver, managing your money and most importantly making upgrades to your cars. The gameplay loop is very simple, there is not a big attempt through the game to change it. You do progress and move through the different race leagues until you make it to the top. You don’t get to go hands on during the races, there is no pit stops and breakdowns are rare. You will likely find you go from being owned to dominating.

I personally really like the art style Kairosoft use in their games as it takes me back to Gameboy advance times. The sprites are really colourful and cute and look really great on the switch. Ultimately you can pick up this exact same game on your phone or tablet (for less money too) no matter what platform you choose you to have a good experience with it.

Final Impressions

Grand Prix Story is a hard one for me to score. It’s very simple and there is not a lot to it. However, it’s crazy addictive to me and I actually spent the last 2 days playing it non-stop and during that time I enjoyed the game so much so I feel my score has to effect that. Yes it’s a mobile port and yes you can get more in-depth racing management games but you can’t get them on the switch so by default I can say that this is the best racing management game on the Nintendo Switch.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Kairosoft / Publisher: Kairosoft
Release date: 21/03/2019
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Grand Prix Story


Final Score



  • Looks great on Switch
  • Crazy addictive


  • Too simple for some
  • Cheaper on mobile